4 December 2016, Visual Dialogues XIII- Devoured 吞噬

Visual Dialogues XIII- 吞噬

T.K. 及 Anne Hsiao-Wen Wang 為我們合作獻上雕塑創作以促使大家面對人類在消耗資源過程中對我們環境造成的影響。
Annie 的 work, Remnant (殘餘), 是一隻重100多公斤,高4.1公尺完全由回收居家及工業塑膠所製成的海龜。Remnant 探討地球的海洋物染問題並質疑拋棄垃圾的文化。

T.K 將透過四枚小型木頭雕塑品來探討動物權益及素食主義。此為,他也會在此畫展現出關及各種議題的畫作。

Visual Dialogues XIII- Devoured

Artists T.K and Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang bring together their sculptural installation works to engage in a conversation on the effects of human consumption on our global environment.
Annie’s work, Remnant, is a 4.1 meter giant sea turtle weighing over 100 kg, made entirely out of recycled plastic from domestic and industrial waste. Remnant explores the world’s sea pollution issues and questions our disposable culture.

T.K will be exploring the themes of animal rights and vegetarianism through his four small wood sculptures. In addition, his diverse topics paintings and drawings will also be in this exhibition.

Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang
T.K. (Taylor Kaku)

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