A brand new website for Red Room 介紹全新的紅房網站

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 12.24.37 PMRed Room has a new website www.redroom.com.tw. Our events have been developing at such a rate, each event needs space of its own in which to regenerate and evolve. Our old blog has been absorbed into this new website and it’s a clean new interface that allows you access to all of Red Room activities.

We have also created an online forum <http://www.redroom.com.tw/forums/> which you can join by registering on the site.  Use it to  share information about your own events and activities with the Red Room community. For those who just love to help the Red Room, please share your unique talents and skills with the Red Room community by signing in to volunteer http://www.redroom.com.tw/contact/. The Red Room is an open platform for new opportunities and expanding horizons and you are a vital part of this movement.

It is still a work in progress and as you continue to use it, it will continue to grow with you. We will keep refining it to fit all that you want it to be. Your input is valuable to us! We will welcome suggestions on how to make it more useful and functional. Drop us a line at [email protected] to share your ideas.


紅房擁有新的網站 (http://www.redroom.com.tw)。我們的活動發展的越來越有規模,每一個活動需要它自己的空間來再生及發展。我們的舊部落格已經整合進入這新的網站,且現在是更清爽新的界面讓您可以更方便瀏覽紅房活動資訊。

我們也建立了線上論壇 (http://www.redroom.com.tw/forums/) 請您註冊與加入。用它來跟紅房社群分享關於您自己的活動與進行計劃。給熱心想幫助紅房的朋友們,請麻煩您填寫志工名單 (http://www.redroom.com.tw/contact/) ,不吝告訴我們您獨特的專長和天分。

紅房是一個開放性的平台,擁有著最新的機會和廣大視野以及包含您,您是我們的重要一份子。紅房一直在成長,我們會變得您心中最美好的理想樣貌,而也需要您的一同協助成長。您的投入是我們的價值!我們非常歡迎任何建議讓它變得更系統化及更實際。歡迎捎個訊息分享點子給我們 [email protected]