cento November 2012

As part of the celebration of the third anniversary of the gatherings at Stage Time & Wine, our company was invited to write a word or two or more in the language of choice and to drop it into a basket. Later in the evening, words were drawn from the “well” and read aloud. The slips of paper were then taken to form a collage and a cento. The cento follows:

Words From the Well Form the Cento
By Ruth Giordano

I feel hungry!                flexible             fervent            fantastic

Why me?           shhhhh           Why not?      Not all who wander are lost!


You come once, you come every month                 Promise

There is no acting here,                                     acceptance
don’t say you have to “act” yourself.

No act,                  just be there,           breathing            whispers

Let go,                     you’re there with yourself.

Then we,             as audience,                   embrace who you are.

       Hello Everyone!

laughter            chatter                   brethren              stew

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