A local English theater production is pushing for a new lobby in Taiwan

Taipei Shorts 台北戲劇表演
Mar 22, 23 at 8 PM, March 24 at 1:30 PM

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Comedy Shows are a rarity in Taiwan. Whether you are looking for classical Standup Comedy or English theater productions in general, the range of offers is quite limited.

Especially in Taipei – the place to be for most expats settling in Taiwan – the demand for English language performances arises more and more. On the other side, trained actors, writers and directors, both Taiwanese and local expats, lack the opportunity to present their talent. Although there is certainly enough capability and interest, showcases in Taiwan have remained very little in the past few years.

Foreign actors do not only have to deal with legal issues and unstable incomes, but also the whole set up for foreign theater productions is aggravated by governmental barriers. In addition, English Theater is often less accessible for the local community since most actors and directors are of foreign residency.

John Brownlie has experienced this huge gap in Taiwan at first hand. He is an actor himself and was involved in several English theater productions at the LAB space, produced and directed by Brook Hall. Taipei Shorts is his first own production and will take place at the Red Room venue three days in the row, from 22nd – 24th March. Given the challenging circumstances, John has dedicated his work to push for a new lobby for local English language theater.

‘Your Country Needs You’ finds a politician, secret service agent and a person of an impossible age, wrestling with the question, “Who are you?” – Your Country Needs You, written and directed by Shashwati Talukdar

Taipei Shorts consists of six different short plays covering a variety of themes and genres from comedic mystery “Why is John Klug here” to pensive female assassin in “The Love Drug”. John’s main purpose on choosing this format was to engage as many talents as possible. In total, 15 actors, 7 writers and 7 directors have worked on this production. All parties are either local expats or Taiwanese, willing to reach out to foreign and local communities likewise. Being involved in Taipei Shorts “gives both actors and directors a real chance to breathe life into English Theater in Taiwan”, says John.

TAIPEI SHORTS – Six Plays One Pass only at Red Room, Taipei

Entry passes can be purchased online on https://www.accupass.com/go/taipeishorts for $300NTD (students) or $400NTD (standard).

The short plays will be performed on
3/22 (Fri) 8pm, 3/23 (Sat) 8pm and 3/24 (Sun) 1:30pm
at Red Room Taipei, Jianguo S. Rd. Sec. 1 #177 (1st building on the left, 2F).

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