Art as a tool of Environmental Communication and Soft Power for Change

Red Room Eco Gathering

Event Information

  • Time: Sunday July 4th, 8pm 7月4日, 禮拜天,晚上8點
  • Location: Online
  • Price: This is a FREE event 本活動為免費活動

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About this Event


Connect with the meaning of “Home” and journey with La Benida Hui through environmental art education and storytelling. As a Red Room gathering of Eco-like minds together we will explore how we can creatively bring positive Change to Taiwan using art as the main tool.

我們為了「家園」而相聚,與La Benida Hui 一同在環境藝術教育與故事的帶領下展開一場小旅行。紅坊將在這次聚會中與一樣有著永續理念的朋友們一同探究藝術如何作為環境交流和變革軟實力的工具。

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COVID-19 Information

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Until further notice, Red Room will follow all government-recommended protocols for in-person events in order to maintain safe environments for interaction among participants. Furthermore, Red Room events are subject to cancellation based on either government stipulations or the discretion of Red Room or our facilitators.