3D Art and Awareness Program


Event Information

  • Dates:
    • Friday July 9
    • Friday July 30
  • Location: National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (in Keelung)
  • Time: 10AM – 6PM
  • Age: 9+
  • Group size: 10-14
  • Fees:
    • NTD1600 / single person
    • NTD2400 / parent + child
    •  (Both includes museum entry and short tour)
  • Language: Chinese/English instruction

See below for COVID-19 notice

About this Event


Please join us in this unique 3D art program being featured on the grounds of the Keelung National Museum of Marine Science and Technology.  Students of all ages are welcome to join (no art experience necessary). Registration is required.

Iverson Rangi is a self-taught 3D artist, the only one representing the indigenous community here in Taiwan. At an early age Iverson was Influenced by realism and classical art; his creative style combines the two, adding in traditional culture in his work and skills through performing arts. His art specifically promotes the beauty of Taiwan and traditional aboriginal culture. Each tribe has their own unique culture representing history, ancestry, wisdom and spirit, elements that are essential to traditional culture of the Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples. Iverson’s purpose is to share his art and storytelling through his beautiful culture and his creative talents.

Iversøn Rangi XIV Page:https://www.facebook.com/xiv.Rangi/

This full day art and awareness program is in collaboration with Red Room Taipei and The National Museum of Marine Science and Technology Museum.  Iverson will lead guided painting techniques to help improve a student’s ability and familiarity with 3D drawing and skills. Students will experience the fun of 3D painting art through artistic expression and development on the ground as well as on the walls. At the end of the day participants and viewers can enter the 3D art painting through capturing the 3D image, allowing interaction and play.

Included on this day will be a short guided museum tour of the on-going exhibition “Midway Collide-O-Scope” by the curator, La Benida Hui.  This is an art exhibit that raises environmental awareness providing a better understanding to how art can impact Change.


Workshop will take place outdoors, dress accordingly, please bring hat (sun protection) and water bottle. Lunch is not provided, we suggest a packed lunch or purchase on-site, shaded picnic table are available outdoors for us to eat together (not mandatory).

More details will be provided after you registered.

COVID-19 Information

For all Red Room Events:

Until further notice, Red Room will follow all government-recommended protocols for in-person events in order to maintain safe environments for interaction among participants. Furthermore, Red Room events are subject to cancellation based on either government stipulations or the discretion of Red Room or our facilitators.


For this Event:

  • We discourage parents from sending sick children to camp. We will conduct temperature checks upon arrival and after lunch. We will also remind the participants to wash hands frequently throughout the day.
  • 請勿將疑似生病的孩子送去參加任何營隊活動。我們在營隊裡,也都有例行性的體溫檢測。將會提醒大家要多洗手\
  • If the situation of Covid-19 in Taiwan becomes unstable, Red Room reserves the right to postpone the camp. Parents who wish to withdraw can receive a 30 percent refund.
  • 如果台灣Covid-19狀況不穩定,紅坊會把課程往後延。如果家長想退出,紅坊會退還30%的金額.