The Humans of Red Room

Dear Readers,

This is one for the humans of Red Room.
For the people who share their words, their ideas, and their passions.

This is one for the volunteers who share their hands to lift and carry. They share their strength to move box after box, umpteen trips, up and down, to and fro.

This is one for the dreamers who share their creativity and visions that make our space beautiful.

This is one for the faces behind the scenes that keep our bar stocked and the soup warm.

This is one for the humans who share their time and energy to build our community.

from Jessica Benjamin, Co-Editor

One for our volunteers

A thank you from Luke Stein, Volunteer Coordinator

Cool hand Luke. Photo by Carol Yao

It’s August and we are finally ready to open up the Red Room doors to the public. Slowly but surely we have transformed the new TAF space into Red Room’s new home. This task would have been impossible without the help of some very dedicated volunteers. Many of those volunteers have been with the Red Room for years.

Some of the volunteers have joined the cause having never seen the previous space, only the work in progress. This says a lot about their spirit and dedication and it says a lot about the inspiration that Red Room can provide to others. We at the Red Room are motivated to work harder to provide a platform to support our volunteers as much as they support us.

Ruth’s Wonderland

by Carol Yao and the Juicers

Once upon a time, Stage Time and Juice was looking for someone who might be interested in organizing some theatrical content for the children. Carol Yao, co-coordinator of Stage Time and Juice, met Ruth Landowne Giordano, the director of Red Room Radio Redux theatre. Carol was a great fan of the radio plays. Ruth remembered that many moons ago, she had participated in summer theatre for children back in Massachusetts.

The result of this conversation was that Ruth and the Juicers ended up producing a series of radio plays, skits and readers’ theatre in the space of six months. The scripts were original, written by Miss Ruth, and always featured her quirky, understated humour. When parents began to show great interest in having their children work on their theatrical and presentation skills with the Red Room’s help, Stage Time and Juice’s workshop program was born. As the program continues to evolve in Miss Ruth’s absence, we will never forget that if had not been her willingness to share her love for theatre, and also her belief in giving every child a chance to perform, we would not have the focus and potential that we enjoy today.

Dear Ruth,

I enjoyed having class with you and I’m really you’re having a safe travel to America, and have a good time there. I will miss you forever and very much. But for your safety, whenever you go to North-Central- Africa, don’t go to the African swamps for a tropical beach swim, because there are hippo’s everywhere! And they won’t be the lazy sleepy fat mammals you know about!

They won’t eat you but they will bite you! Because they are the kings of the swamps, and they can take down a crocodile or an alligator, so I suggest you go to a tropical swimming pool instead!

From Christine

By Mikey

I didn’t really know Ruth at first, but when I did, a lot of things changed.

Ruth knew a lot of different things about drama, like techniques, gestures, actions, sounds, and more. She taught me to highlight words that are my part in a play, so I won’t forget to say my lines. She was sweet, nice, funny, and inspiring. She inspired me to enter plays, and not to be nervous when speaking.

Ruth has gone back to America now. I hope she will teach a lot of kids and they will definitely be happy. I’ll miss you, Ruth!

By Rachel Chen

Meet the Intern

Ashmita Malkani

Photo by Yueh-an

I’m Ash! I’m currently a student at Emerson College in Boston, studying Stage and Production Management. Roma is my aunt, and when I hear about Red Room I knew it was something that I wanted to check out and get involved with. I was able to intern with them during the month of June, and got to participate in their organisation of the 100th Stage Time and Wine.

Red Room is a company and a culture unlike any other, one that encourages all of its members to express openly and with abandon. I am looking forward to seeing what they accomplish next, and hope I will be able to join them again!

Ashish Purswaney’s Eagle Project

Thank you Ashish. Its been a pleasure seeing you put the RED room together. we are going to enjoy it for a long time to come. And its all thanks to you and your team.
From the Red Room

Photo by Ashish

Photos by Ashish and friends

Dear Red Room,

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you for giving me the opportunity to do my Eagle Service Project at the new Red Room location. Being the artist haven that it is, the Red Room was the perfect setting for a budding artist like myself to start off my artistic journey. I would also like to share my Eagle journey in the form of this photo album. It captures moments at the space before, during, and after the beautification project.

This task would not have been possible without the help of my amazing team of volunteers, to whom I am immensely grateful:


Thanks are also due Ms. Roma and Manav for their patient support and the optimum amount of pressure to keep me going.

I welcome everyone to scan the QR code below and witness the transformation of the new, official, RED ROOM RECEPTION.

Yours truly,

搬家 The Move

By Yueh An

Photos by Red Room volunteers