Red Room’s new home opens with Kind of Red

Kind of Red August 2018

Photos by 胡安庭 Hu An Ting

Red Room reopened its doors at it’s new home on the 24th of August with one of its signature events; the monthly jazz and social music night, Kind of Red. After a two month break in activities, it felt good to hear the room come alive with the sweet sultry sounds of jazz.

Since 2017, Red Room has been dedicated to supporting jazz in Taipei. More importantly, giving jazz enthusiasts a platform to share their art. Kind of Red is the name of Red Room’s Jazz band, led by Bobo Lin. Each month, new guest musicians join the band to jam together bringing an element of surprise at each event.

Kind of Red happens on the last Friday of every month. Our next event will be on the 26th of October. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details.

Thank you for loving jazz. See you at the next KOR!

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Following on the heels of a well received winter camp, Stage Time and Juice took it up a notch and held a 4-day summer camp, held in the middle of July. Caught in the middle of the Red Room’s move from their space in the Library to a new space near the gate of the TAF, the teachers were required to fill the emptiness of the space with fun and activity. Camp activities included spirit drums, ceramics, expressive dance, improv exercises, music, storytelling, and book making.

Stage Time and Juice would like to thank Brenda, Sue, Sharon, Jia-rong, Eva, Sabrina, and Marina for providing what we believe to be a memorable and unique experience for the children who were able to participate. We would also like to thank the parents who continue to support our programs. Let’s see where the journey takes us!

Red Room Workshops: Team-building and Perspective

by Tai Mesches

Red Room Workshops: Team-building and Perspective

With Red Room set to move into a brand-new space this Fall, a new chapter ensues. Core members of the Red Room family gathered together to participate in a two-part workshop dedicated to team-building, perspective, and the enhancement of cohesiveness among the Red Room team. Led by experiential learning practitioner and past Red-Roomer, Tai “Prosperus” Mesches, members got together on two separate occasions in early August to engage in not only stimulating and challenging activities, but also thought-provoking and reflective discussions illuminating team dynamics, behavioral patterns, and personal insight. Embracing these workshops with open hearts, each member shared and learned from one another in order to prepare for this upcoming stage of Red Room’s journey.

Red Room Workshop I
The first workshop focused on team-building and what it took for a team to be successful and effective. It started off by analyzing and deconstructing everyone’s individual ideas of what made up a great team and narrowed them down to a list of specific qualities and skills. Following that, the participants were asked to organize these specific competencies into a structure by using a pyramid template based off of John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success methodology. Together they rearranged the building blocks based on their collective ideas of what builds up a successful and effective team. After verbalizing and mapping out these building blocks, the participants put them into practice through an experiential learning activity called Blind Rope, where as a team, had to work together to achieve a shared goal. A debriefing session/discussion followed afterwards, where participants drew parallels from the dynamics in the activity to their current situation in Red Room, shining light on individual and collective realities necessary for Red Room to move forward effectively together as a team. Aspirations, awareness, and unity all ensued as the Red Room family embraced as one, offering a diverse illustration of Red Room’s culture.

Red Room Workshop II
The second workshop aimed at the shifting of perspectives and awareness, stressing factors of power dynamics, control, and systems-thinking. The workshop warmed up with simple exercises emphasizing perspective; for example, welcoming various interpretations of a quote and moving fingers in a certain way forcing participants to see the different angles of how we perceive. Extracting these themes, the participants moved on to two more expansive activities that highlighted how we are connected, displaying cause-and-effect and the power of control. Drawing on Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed, Tai facilitated the infamous “Columbian Hypnosis” exercise that displayed the structures of power in a system, generating an intriguing dialogue around the inner-workings of Red Room’s makeup. Concluding the workshop, the participants came together once again to synthesize what they had learned about themselves as a family by creating a final image representing Red Room.

Overall, the goal of bringing the Red Room family closer together for this next chapter seems to have been achieved. However, in truth, it is always hard to say when and where the participants’ learnings will display themselves. It could be tomorrow, it could be years from now. The point is, is that our Red Room family decided to deepen their own understanding by engaging and learning from one another so that Taipei can continue to have a sanctuary where diversity is celebrated, welcomed, and most importantly, loved.

Tai Mesches

A few words from Yuki, Marketing Intern for Red Room, Summer 2018

By Yuki

I am Yuki, a Hong Kong university student. I was delighted to work for Red Room as a marketing intern this summer. Everyone was so nice and I learnt a lot. Meanwhile, I was lucky to witness the new start of Red Room.

Among all tasks I did during this internship, conducting a social media analysis for Red Room was my biggest accomplishment. The team trusted in my ability and gave me a lot of freedom. I spent few weeks to summarize the data and presented my findings to the team. Also, it was memorable to participate in the team building workshop. Making a square with a rope blindly let us understand the meaning of teamwork. Everyone contributed their ideas and cooperated with each other so we formed a square quickly.

Red Room is like a big family which welcomes everybody regardless of your nationality and occupation. Although I was part of the team for a short period of time, I feel the warmth Red Room gave me. If you want to work with this energetic team, you should come to Red Room definitely!

by yuk ting wong