Cloud Forest X Redroom Weekend Market

雲森陶陶 X 紅房藝文 週末市集

  • 日期 Date :  2021.3.27 – 3.28
  • 時間 Time : 12pm – 17pm
  • 地點 Venue : 27M前方平台

About this Event

Cloud Forest Collective and Red Room is excited to announce that we will be holding monthly weekend markets at 27M. There will be ceramic arts, handicrafts made by local and international artists, and you may find exquisite works with very special prices!

We welcome all sorts of crafts, arts, and food vendors to join our community. As our community grows, we will be expanding these markets to have more sellers as well as special events being held on those days. Due to limited space, we will only accept sellers that fits our market theme.

Come up to enjoy Grass Mountain and visit our location to get some holiday shopping done, even if it means buying a gift for yourself. No admission needed for the market, just come up to enjoy the day with us!