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Dear Red Roomers,

I am reaching out to you because I have some dreams that are not finished and related to Taiwan. I recently returned to Australia but before I left Taiwan I did a 3,500KM scooter ride over 5 weeks camping on beaches, temples, basketball courts and where ever seemed fit. I have a wealth of images and I have put half online but I want to create a book. I want to create an bilingual book showing the beauty of Taiwan visually and also thru writing.

A few photos from Alex’s Taiwan collection:

I want to reach out to everyone with the idea of making a book filled with my images but with stories from different people all related to Taiwan. I will fund it, design it, publish it and give credit and a copy to everyone who helped make this idea a reality.

I was wondering if you would like to be apart of this project and share your story with the world. They have to be related to a Taiwan experience and celebrate Taiwanese culture. I will get the stories translated so the book will be bilingual as well.

If anyone has a story already or wants more information please contact me and I can share more thoughts and hopefully we can start collaborating together.

Contact Alex and share in his vision: [email protected]

Thank you

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