Drew’s Drama Sessions are back!

This Sunday we had our welcome-back-class. It mostly consisted of games and exercises in ideas and themes we had covered before the long break, which included Charades (of animals), and telephone. Afterwards we did exercises in the the 8 effort actions. Followed by an introduction to the Hieratic gestures (gestures that have dual meanings, and are used across cultures and time periods), as well as exercising using different centers of movement and motivation (moving with the heart full or empty, moving with strong or weak bones, etc.).
For the next class we will begin to delve deeper into the Hieratic gestures, as well as continuing a review of previous lessons.
As I have mentioned to some of the parents this past Sunday, we will be working under R4 in an afternoon performance with our own performance of Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, and Cat in the Hat. This means that we will also begin to incorporate text into the lessons, and begin learning about interpretation and performance of text.

All the best,