Earth Song Medicine

A nature-taught healing in resonant, respectful, reciprocal, realtionship with the Earth.

Key Event Information

  • Date:2021年2月21日 星期日,下午3:00 – 下午5:00 – Feb 21, 2021 – 3PM-5PM
  • Location: Red Room Rendezvous
  • Price: 900NT/Person

About this Event

A nature-taught healing in resonant, respectful, reciprocal, relationship with the Earth.

Earth Song Medicine recognizes that healing is always happening and the medicine needed always present by and from Nature.

As we receive Her fully, She receives us fully. As we behold Her, She beholds us.
We heal together.

The experience and process are unique to everyone while our own and Her healing contribute to the healing of the whole beyond what our minds can imagine, as we surrender and allow.

Join us for an experience of Earth Song Medicine lead by Gabriele Seewald

at Red Room Rendezvous on Sunday, 24 January 2021, 3-5pm.

Fees: 900 per person. Bring a cushion to sit on and a light blanket or big shawl.

「大地之聲醫學」主張人類與大自然和諧共處、相互尊重,彼此治癒 。
邀請您一同經驗由Gabriele Seewald帶領的「大地之聲醫學」,療程將於1/24日(日)在紅坊餐酒館舉行,下午3~5點的時間段。

Gabriele is seeding, nurturing, growing and sharing Seeds, Skills, Tools, Experience and Wisdom for a sustainably healthy development on Earth.

She practices Earth Song Medicine, Body-Zen powered by Qi-Quant Technology and is engaged with sustainable development projects in regenerative living, education, tourism, healthcare, eco-social entrepreneur- and leadership and women in Taiwan, Austria, the UK, Italy, France, Kenya and Saint Lucia.

She is a partner at the Light Health Medicine Institute Austria, a collaborator of Whole Wellness Clinic Taipei and a retreat facilitator.

Gabriele 不斷在地球的永續健康發展方面栽培、養育並分享她的種子、技能、工具、經驗和智慧。她也不斷身體力行由Qi-Quant Technology 致力推動的Body-zen(身體禪)和Earth Song Medicine.(大地之聲醫學),同時參與台灣、奧地利、英國、義大利、法國、肯亞、聖露西亞等國家與再生生活、教育、旅遊、醫療保健、生態社會企業領導人、女性等議題相關的永續發展項目。Gabriele是奧地利 “Light Health Medicine Institute” 公司合夥人,Whole wellness Clinic Taipei的合作人以及一個靜修(Retreat)帶領者。

Mother of twin sons and a daughter, she was born and raised in Austria, accompanying her father on business trips all over the globe from the age of 12. She has lived and worked in Asia for almost 20 years, 11 in Taiwan. In 2018 she published the book Taiwan. The hidden Jewel. in her German mother tongue. She is a certified Miaoding Zen Teacher, holds a Bachelors Degree in Tourism- and Hospitality-Management and a Masters in Intercultural Competencies. She speaks German, English and Chinese.