Stage Time and Wine

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「 Stage Time & Wine」是一個月例「Open Mic」(開放麥)活動。這一天我們允許身體裡的詩人自由暢談,期待文字音樂肢體即興視覺的交錯綻放。若你與紅房有緣,便寄情於詩;若你願共度此晚,且把酒言歡。

An intimate monthly open mic event.

We celebrate the spoken word and other forms of expression: movement, music, visual arts and storytelling. Multilingual in expression, multicultural by design, we invite all walks of life to Speak Listen Hear Feel, creating a platform to share a unique experience that is quintessentially Red Room in Taipei, actively promoting a Culture of Listening.

從2009年11月起,經過不同文化的滲染後富饒 ; 順著不同語言的源流潺潺傾瀉。紅房邀請所有人一起「說、聽、想、感」,打造一個能分享獨特經驗的平台,積極的推廣聆聽的文化。
On the third Saturday of the month since November 2009, the maroon, crimson, and scarlet colored expression have filled our eyes and ears with Stage Time & Wine.

入場費Entry Fee| NT$300
Fee includes 1 bowl of Dal (Lentil Soup) & 1 mug of Mulled Wine.

時間表 Schedule |
7:00pm: [ 開放入場 Doors Open ]
7:30pm ~ 8:45pm: [ 上半場 1st Half ]
9:00pm ~ 10:00pm: [ 下半場 2nd Half ]
❤️ 紅房提醒您 Our usual reminders:
[ 選擇性分享,強制性聆聽 Sharing optional, listening mandatory ]
Sign up at the door for 5 minutes of Stage Time.

[ 工商服務時間 ]
Commercial Promotion – Stage Time & Wine does not encourage commercial promotions. If you have an announcement to make, please inform the MC beforehand. You are also welcome to leave your promotional material at the door.

DISCLAIMER: By attending this event, you understand that you may be photographed or videotaped and you hereby give consent for Red Room to use your likeness for purposes including, but not limited to, promotion, fundraising, commercial use, and design.