Red Room x Women Beyond Borders Taiwan 2021

Join us for an International Women’s Day Event about building community through creative exchange and stories.

《寶島話匣子Formosa Tales》

——2021女性超越國界計畫,台灣站 #選擇去挑戰

A cross-cultural exhibition in celebration of International Women’s Day

  • 展期 Exhibition date|3/7 – 3/30 2021
  • 首展開幕會 Opening|3/7
  • 時間 Time| 2 pm – 6pm
  • 場地 VenueCloud Forest Gallery 27M
  • 台北市士林區凱旋路25巷4號
  • 須回復出席 RSVP required.

Program | 節目表

⧁ 3:00pm – 3:30pm :
分享圈(I) Sharing Circle Session 1 with moderator Yee-Ming Tan

⧁ 3:30pm – 4:30pm :
音樂演出&瑜伽接觸 Music performances and yoga connect

⧁ 4:30pm – 5:00pm :
分享圈(II) Sharing Circle Session 2 with moderator Yee-Ming Tan

現場茶水供應 Refreshments will be available.
不限女性參加,對所有人都歡迎無比 The event is open to everyone.

About this Event

《女性超越國界計畫》Women beyond borders由Lorraine Serena於1991年成立, 30年來,跨越50個國家,超過900 位藝術創作者 與上萬學生參與。 紅坊十分榮幸能夠參與這項運動,邀請妳能跟我們一起。在這美麗的台灣島嶼上生活的女人們哪,不管妳從哪裡來,要往哪裡去,歡迎加入紅坊《寶島話匣子》巡迴展覽一起昤聽更多故事,一起打開心中的話匣子。

Red Room is launching this program for the first time in Taiwan, and our stories will be united with hundreds of women’s stories from around the world. The first exhibition will be held in Taipei, and will then travel to different locations in Taiwan, gathering more stories and more boxes at every stop.

Red Room is excited to be a part of this movement and we invite all women, of all nationalities living on our beautiful island of Taiwan, to join our Red Room WBB International Women’s Day Traveling Exhibition.


~ Lorraine Serena, 創辦人 / 藝術總監

“To honour and document womens voices and visions. To encourage collaboration and dialogue. To inspire creativity”

~ Lorraine Serena, Founder/Artistic Director歡迎各種形式贊助支持。

Donations are welcome to help us continue this project and reach more women in Taiwan.