5JonnyAstonMartin-1Jonny Green is an artist and illustrator from the north of England. He studied graphic design at Liverpool Art School and has been living in Taiwan for more than 10 years. He has recently embraced the naive art style and is working on an illustration project about Taiwan.

Zhongshan Mural Project

Building up abstract forms, textures, marks, scratches, smudges, smears, drips, splatters and stains the subtle shapes of intertwined Blue Magpies appear in the skies above the old district of Zhongshan.

The figures that move along the North Road are ethereal, walking a road that has been intrinsic to the district since colonial times.

Buildings are hinted at through the smear of acrylic, the scratch of a palate knife, or the loose scribble of a soft pencil. The famous trees that line the road are suggested with drips of India ink, charcoal, or oil sticks.