Kevin Cox, October 2012

Red Room Poem


Do not be confused by what you see,
A white american male is far from what defines me.
Do not be tricked by rust that covers aging iron,
strength still holds sturdy in its changing ions.
Open your ears and drop your judgement,
there cannot be fear in hearing the following statement.
I am the brook that cannot be controlled,
the seed that buds and continues to grow.
I am the sand between your toes,
the waves that crash and the cool wind that blows.
I am the voice of your mother when you needed coddling, someone to hold,
I am the voice of your father when he was forced to be bold.
I am the tar that gives your wheels traction,
I am high-end fashion, loves action, and hearts satisfaction.
I am the song that beats in your head,
the sun that rises and the moon that shines while you’re in bed.
I am the pen that scribbles your thoughts to paper,
the dream of strength that makes you your savior.
I am the tree, the roots, the trunk, the limbs,
the air that moves to fill your lungs.
I am the mirror that reflects your smile, your hopes, your scars, your fears,
the goose bumps on your skin, and the compulsion to bring one near.
I am the light in the darkest night,
I am strength, courage, honor, wisdom, and might.
I am the shadow that hides,
I am weak, insecure, shy, wrong, and I cry.
I am the innocence of a child held within their smirk,
and your wine, your bottle, your label, and your cork.
I am a guitar and all of its strings,
a door bell letting you know someone is here, ding, ding.
I am everything and I am nothing,
I am together, I am alone and it’s crushing…
I am the chair that supports you when you feel ugly,
I am chocolate, sugar, snacks and the anger when you say don’t nudge me.
I am black, white, red, yellow, and brown,
I am the world, the continents, the country, the state, and the town.
I am pisces, virgo, sagittarius, cancer, scorpio, and all,
I am short, fat, thin, and tall.
Do not let your mind confuse, do not think these words not be true,
I know this is me because I know it is also you.

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