A Nook for Rhyme Crooks

nooks-posteras the mainstream masses, hack away at the roots
certain tribes ‘n’ clans, crack their hands to prove…that
they use words to bring purpose, delivered in verses
burst wise blurbs as it’s hip-hop we wor-ship
on the surface we work, we grind, ‘n’ we dig
but once you enter the nook, yo, our priority is ink
this joint here is to preserve, a lost ancient art
where the pen bends all lessons as we teach with each mark
this is a duty call for all slippery lyricists, ‘n’ quick-spittin’ beat-boxers
bold-inked warrior poets, ‘n’ wise free-stylin’ doctors
operating by choppin’ blocks of bass with bars that give birth
switchin’ bitchin’ verbs with whispers that’ll quake your earth
we come here to work in a world where wordsmiths roam free
to boast spoken poetry as our form of speech graffiti
hear my fat words swallow fear ‘n’ press a presence upon you
notice my voice ‘n’ my choice, to turn up the volume
this is the grand ball for mad hatters, jesters, ‘n’ dreamers
for prophets ‘n’ fools, for geniuses ‘n’ schemers
but beneath the surface of words, the labels ‘n’ terms
lies a truth so powerful it makes our pages burn
which is earned by preserving this culture to write
ink be our blood as words be our life
so tonight we rise together, ‘n’ around we take a look
ladies ‘n’ gents, welcome, to the nook for true rhyme crooks…


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