Kaamyab Ho, the positive workflow

Kaamyab Ho, the positive work flow, laid deep within my skin, prick pointed by peri pipkin. The crying procrastinator imprints a reminder FOREVER, only method of removal would be to sever the limb in which I lift high above my head.

Kaamyab Ho, the positive workflow..
A phrase to continue the pace for productivity, it faces me for my eyes only. Soley- but I don’t stand alone, the grind is consistent with any 21 year old.. With livers as healthy as any teenager, we convince ourselves that there’s plenty of time. To heal, bounce back and recover from the night before. Ignore the sore pains that you’ll never have the best story to explain…well, parentals..i lean upon a cane. Modern day utilities remind us of our futility in the level of functionality that matters. Morning chatters, sips on chai crackers this ink blot teaches truth..that’s the last tooth. I’ll be ready as an adult…crunching my way through youth..

Kaamyab Ho, the positive work flow, laid deep within my skin, words by brown kin I’m closer to being Hindustani , Gandhi had his code to abide by, this way chickens do fly, possibilities aren’t out the window …they exist in my scope, no need to linger… let me throw you a rope..

Rise and surface through the desert sands…originally unfamiliar lands- striving for success starved of demands unmet..this is more than shade…it’s a tent…
Tools and sustenance hits fools and reluctance. All we need is within it, how could you not make sense of this.

It’s from a steel point…torch lit to a rocker’s joint.
she walked into my room with a needle and ink..there was me sitting with a very stiff drink..
Chizzle to skin, clink..clink..think on what’s being done..this is permanent ink..

Kaamyab Ho, the positive workflow

Read by Aspiring Azul
Stage Time & Wine 88, April 15 2017

Scribe’s Musings, November 2016

For this month’s special anniversary issue, I’m going to turn the Scribe’s Musings over to Manav Mehta, who almost seven years ago, penned this exquisite poem that may prove slightly prophetic.
Happy 7th Anniversary, Red Room!

Stage time and wine
I thank you all for coming tonight, on behalf of the community and i
Moments where we analyze what to do, and what not to do..
Well, screw explaining that I’m up here so that’s what I’m going to do.
I want to tell you all whats been going on in my mind..
Crunching new grooves with a 19 year old grind..
It gives me headaches, awkwardly personal “proud moment” smiles..
An unorganized database, receiving an endless number of untitled files..
You gel up your hair, your hat cries out “STYLE”
Your body type comes with a variable list of numbers to dial..
I’m working on mine! Jogging mile to mile..
A combined effort at a developing mentality, with assorted perspectives-
Stage time and wine, is a place of…
Well wine-
Something that makes it special..special is what you’ll find..
The word artist holds no boundaries, its not marked by a mustache or a hat…
Those who have both are simply gifted, and well..i didn’t get it so screw THAT!
According to me here, once you’ve entered the red room..planet earth is flat..
The ultimate symbol indicating that we’re all equal ..were all artists here- how about that?
It’s a time for us to share! BYOB should change to BYOSOMETHING TO SAY
Everyone has something to share, its usually the ones who are shy..who sit back and compare..
C’mon guys, that simply isn’t fair- but don’t go as far as saying “I CAN say anything..its not like they care”
WE’RE here to listen, to enjoy, to emotionally react the way you do biting into a sweet chocolate eclair..

I wake up with theories, which are completely genius..
But as the day ticks along, it deteriorates to something meaningless..
This random rambling is an example of that- but I love the act of performing..(AND YES THIS IS CONSIDERED A PERFORMANCE..).
That’s a fact

Art comes in all different shapes and forms..the ones labeled eccentric or exotic-
Are just ones there are no real words for..
Ever notice the lack of vocabulary we hold to describe certain things of wonder..
Beauty..stimulating and depressing – sigh..
We use our bodies, the tone of voice, our facial expressions-
I was gifted with the control of my eyebrow muscles..and so..tonight I will take the role of goofy.
Stage time and wine..
Time for all of us to shine..
Hence the much brighter lighting –to symbolize the divine..
Bring out the person inside of you tonight- do so through the love for the spoken word..
Mimes are allowed as well..
Like I said artist holds no boundaries or lines..
There are beverages in the back, grapey wine with some chai-ey chai.
Let us all enjoy the night-
In hopes for more random ramblings in sight.

by Manav Mehta

Red Room goes to New York, Feb 2015

Kicking us off for a quick piece to wiggle the tongue, and waggle the rum

Welcome ladies & gentlemen, family and folks..
NewNY goers, Harlem Bound explorers, Tall with Might Brooklynites
Welcome to Listen [email protected] the Empire House.

Soulful steps are so inclined, lifted spirits with tang & tongue of wine.
Chipper tunes to the wallowing blues

All gathered to Read, Listen, following an auditory mission, where silence isn’t submission but conviction..
We invite you to dance & shout, whisper or cry!
Play in search for the perfect rhyme with a squeeze of lime.
Share a word; make a statement, ride upon lyrics to a cloudy arrangement.
Poems and beats,
Feats that lead to jester cackles.
All is fair, except the hassles.

This is our first run of Listen Up @ the Empire House.
With a family bond and close ties this is –
A Red Room supported event.
A non-profit based in Taipei, Taiwan.
Therefore tonight we join as an international community.

So open your ears

Thank you all for showing up to support this groove

Empire house

This little ramble is about the Empire house
An attempt to capture a particular particle, like all moments it fades into mist.
As you enter, there’s a wave of heat to strengthen thawing bones, a loud crank to enter, squeaks by the feet.
What was made before stands today, a structure built to stay.
Doors open to a rush of the senses, swimming upstream.
For the thoughts & mental knots, raise lids and awake, breathe in- then intake.
Scents that spark the flare start with chamomile tea.
Evaporated lemon drops and eucalyptus leaves.
Lean and grip the wall to undo the laces and envelope a joyous indoor breeze.
In the name of taste! Scents that buzz and fill the affair.
Butter-bowl corn still warm, lays flat on the surface of the tongue.
Coconut flakes melted into chocolate spheres, roll to spin spirals of memorable thrills.
Blue notes start by the neck, an activated oil change for the gears to grind.
We remember that soulful steps are so inclined.

Tunes of the Empire.
Together we’re exploring realms across seas, lands unmeasurable fantasies. Happening upon common ground.
You’ve all braved the elements, sharing numbing and bound sentiments.
The Empire Folk will be duly introduced, within this dwelling roams a party of 4.

A swirl of energy disciplined into a singular vessel.
Aiding to wounds, restoring the Inner Chi.
Applied acupuncture arranged in an array for active atoms to remain smooth and clean.
He is the positivity that flows through these labyrinth halls.

Challenging chances with a coordinated can- do attitude, charming youthful choirs into the sweetest harmonies.

Jazzed with jest, careful to reassess.
There’s no replica, of Empire’s Jessica.

Carrying cold war kids, claiming to cook cranberry granola thins.
Clink and clank as the gear turns in the tinker of our good ol’ chap.
Clayton Pipkin, there’s no beat worth skipping, with tunes flowing from our Empire’s Catalyst King.

Manav Mehta
[email protected]
[email protected]

Artists Beat the Flood 2 overflows with creativity

Click here for the photo gallery for Artists Beat the Flood 2

ABTF 2 Review in Taipei Times

About Artists Beat the Flood 2

A first for many, a second for a few. Artists Beat the Flood took place at a summertime pace.

With 16 splashing visual artists, 5 harmonious music groups, and numerous generous partners, we were able to launch a wonderful event, and a unique experience where the Red Room hosted a live art and music event at Huashan Creative Park 華山文創區, a first for both the Red Room and Huashan.

Recognition is necessary for all of our supporting organisations and parties. Thank you to venue host Huashan and Emily Wang, coordinator for libLAB Studios. A special note to an individual who provided the essential supplies; Brendon Chen from Escape Artist contributed the canvases, attended, and participated in Artists Beat the Flood on July 5th with a glow of contagious positivity.

Treats and snacks by Granola House
Fresh ingredients for a freeflow salad bar by Dressed Taipei
Bottomless barrel of refreshments provided by 榕吧Rong Bar
Art Supplies by Escape Artist
Sponsorship and support by JB’s Diner
and our usual helping hands at Ripplemaker and Canmeng
And last but not least, thanks to all the volunteers from the Red Room community who helped make the day a success!

The silent auction took place all day as the artists worked their canvases. We are delighted to report that all paintings were sold by the end of the day! Red Roomers, we can proudly say that we have achieved our goal; this event has been a wonderful beginning to what we hope will be a series of live art & music events.

Julia Kao, Grace Lu, Jeremy Chen, Constance Woods, Carol Yao, Ping Chu were covering the event and posting regular updates on facebook. Thank you for your wonderful photos of the art, musicians and the space.


Stay tuned as the Dream Magician sets the scene for Stage Time & Juice this saturday, followed by a special visit by the Red Room Muse – Tina Ma.

Stage Time & Wine will commence soon after at 6:30pm.

Start the day with a bottle of juice or wine as we hope to see you this Saturday!

Year of the Snake, February 2014

“This 2013 Year of the Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create.”

The year of the snake has certainly been a year of challenges, and I dare say we as the Red Room community have triumphed!
The movement towards open ears, open hearts, and opened channels has been the core of what 2013 has presented for us. With rapid growth in members to our monthly ST&W events, we have co-created a Stage Time event suitable for the younger generation. Stage Time & Juice is now in its fifth session and going strong, thanks in large part to the involvement of many enthusiastic parents from the Taipei Awesome Playgroup.

Red Room Radio Redux has taken a large step up to Edu-tainment as Ruth Giordano, Director Red Room Radio Redux, would say, as they enter the first Local Taiwanese high school performance venue for the adapted drama of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Red Room Played for Change as we have annually in September, and celebrated our 48th event in November , reaching the 4 year mark. Among the longest standing bi-lingual spoken word events to receive steady contribution and support here in Taipei City.

A humble hub to mingle for both expats & locals alike, I implore you to join, scream, shout, dance, stretch, o just listen. Participate and support the movement towards making Taipei a more culturally enriched city in 2014!

Happy Year of the Horse!

Manav Mehta, Coordinator Red Room

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