Kaamyab Ho, the positive workflow

Kaamyab Ho, the positive work flow, laid deep within my skin, prick pointed by peri pipkin. The crying procrastinator imprints a reminder FOREVER, only method of removal would be to sever the limb in which I lift high above my head.

Kaamyab Ho, the positive workflow..
A phrase to continue the pace for productivity, it faces me for my eyes only. Soley- but I don’t stand alone, the grind is consistent with any 21 year old.. With livers as healthy as any teenager, we convince ourselves that there’s plenty of time. To heal, bounce back and recover from the night before. Ignore the sore pains that you’ll never have the best story to explain…well, parentals..i lean upon a cane. Modern day utilities remind us of our futility in the level of functionality that matters. Morning chatters, sips on chai crackers this ink blot teaches truth..that’s the last tooth. I’ll be ready as an adult…crunching my way through youth..

Kaamyab Ho, the positive work flow, laid deep within my skin, words by brown kin I’m closer to being Hindustani , Gandhi had his code to abide by, this way chickens do fly, possibilities aren’t out the window …they exist in my scope, no need to linger… let me throw you a rope..

Rise and surface through the desert sands…originally unfamiliar lands- striving for success starved of demands unmet..this is more than shade…it’s a tent…
Tools and sustenance hits fools and reluctance. All we need is within it, how could you not make sense of this.

It’s from a steel point…torch lit to a rocker’s joint.
she walked into my room with a needle and ink..there was me sitting with a very stiff drink..
Chizzle to skin, clink..clink..think on what’s being done..this is permanent ink..

Kaamyab Ho, the positive workflow

Read by Aspiring Azul
Stage Time & Wine 88, April 15 2017