Red Room Reflections, October 2018

A few words from the editor…

Red Room is well and truly back. September filled the space with life and laughter as we gathered to Play For Change, we made our voices heard for Rise For Climate, and we shared precious moments during World Suicide Prevention Day with W.A.R.M.

Catch up on all the happenings at the Red Room and meet Luke, the volunteer behind the scenes.

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From Jessica Benjamin

World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 At The Red Room

By Choncy Shu

Reflections_ World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 from Red Room on Vimeo.
Video credit: Vanessa Wang

On September 9th, WARM (Women Anonymous Reconnecting Mentally), Red Room, and our community gathered together for World Suicide Prevention Day.

We celebrated what we had, mourned if we had lost, and brought together artists to donate their talent and skills to create workshops. These included:

-Rap Tutorial with Tony Quander
-Improv Comedy workshop with Patrick M Davies
-Dance Meditation with YogArt
-Body Wave workshop with Rose Goossen
-Zumba by Chiara Colognola
-Energy Body workshop with Shivani
-Expressive Art with Amber Hinton

Photo credit W.A.R.M. and Callie

We hoped that by doing such communal workshops folks could feel more comfortable if they wanted to open up and talk about their experiences with mental health. We’re all in this together. And if one didn’t feel like so much active participation, we had full day of donations for how to do makeovers, henna painting with Jenna, headband making with Molly Minaberry, Dungeons and Dragons and Bipolar with Shannon Larson, and Laughing Rapping with Addison Eng.

During all this, Vanessa Wang filmed what folks appreciated in their lives, and what they would like to say for all those who ever feel they need community.

Meet Luke

by the Red Room Team

Photo credit Carol Yao

If volunteers were the ‘body’ of Red Room, then Luke would be the ‘brain’. Transmitting information, ensuring every section is functioning efficiently, and coordinating entire operations; this is Luke’s enormous contribution to the Red Room community. However, Luke is often working backstage, behind the scenes. In this issue we have an opportunity to meet the ‘brain’ behind the volunteer ‘body’.

Three fun facts about you…

People think that I am very lucky and I’m starting to believe it.
There is no consensus on my eye color.
I am a published author, but for my scientific research contributions, not my own creative works.

What initially attracted you to the Red Room?

I first found the Red Room when I was looking for music venues in Taipei. They were hosting a pairing of a Macedonian tambura player with a Mongolian throat singer or some combo like that. Later, when I was looking for volunteering opportunities it sounded like a fun place to spend my time.

Most difficult task you’ve faced at Red Room…

Moving the bar up the stairs of the new venue. My head was almost crushed.
Best ever Red Room moment…
I really enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day themed stage time and Wine with all the songs dancing. Close second is seeing Lawrence get tied up by the Japanese style bondage practitioner.

What gets your ‘creative juice’ flowing?

When I want to get my creative juices flowing, I listen to or watch the creative works of others. That gives me the energy and inspiration to do something of my own.
If you were a snack in a Taiwanese night market, what would you be?
Cube steak.

How would you describe the colour RED to someone who is blind?

Red is how I feel when stuck in traffic.

What is something you would be happy doing every day for the rest of your life?

If I had an unlimited pass, I would go to a theater everyday. Hopefully, there would be a new film, play, musical, opera, or dance every day.

Words from the Red Room Team…

Luke has been a gift to all of us at Red Room. His positive attitude and willingness to help with anything has made the recent move so manageable. Apart from hauling heavy objects to various locations in the new venue, he also manages and coordinates the volunteers, the people of the Red Room. Every new volunteer gets to meet Luke, and receives an orientation to Red room and its activities. In terms of keeping this community alive and thriving, Luke does an incredible job of contributing to our ethos.
Thank you Luke! ~ Roma

Luke 總是汗流浹背,這是我對他最深的印象。
Luke在我的心目中,是一個冰淇淋先生,也是一個直言直語的正直人。~ Yueh-an Chang

Gentle by nature, rugged with grit. Luke’s a friendly face by day, and an oiled mechanic by night. In and out of the Red Room space, he has been instrumental with building, shaping, and re-painting our foundation. The venue that holds 5 ~ 150 people at a time, wouldn’t have the glow or soothing ambience it has today without Luke’s contributions.
Big shout out to steady hand Luke, the Red Room is lucky to have him as a member of its community. ~ Manav Mehta

News from Juice

by Carol Yao

STJ 30 Playing For Change Day Fundraiser 091718

On September 15, Stage Time and Juice held its annual fundraiser to benefit The Playing For Change Foundation. Stage Time and Juice and the foundation hold a special relationship in that they both emphasize building children’s skills through musical education.

Approximately 80 people, attended, volunteered, or performed at the event, which ended up raising US $320 for the Playing For Change Foundation. Apart from an astonishing lineup for open mic, the Juice team also invited guest performances from the community: Australian vocalist Colleen Peterson, Taiwanese violinist Ying-Hao Lee, Japanese dancer, Komuji, and two members of the local band “Just Time,” Bostonian Chris Lo and Dexter Walters from St. Kitts, in the Caribbean.

Comments from parent Teresa Teng, whose sons performed a violin and keyboard duet at the event:

“Thank you Carol Yao, Jennifer Joy and all the RR volunteers for once again organizing such an amazing and meaningful event! RR has now a new cozy home with space to celebrate all forms of art from the walls to the stage. As I reminisced over the past RR events we have participated over the years, there is no doubt that these events have been an integral part of the boys’ childhoods. Kailer’s 1st performance was a cup song he made up after being motivated by Kanoa’s rendition when RR was on the 2F of Aveda. At RR, they have opened their minds and hearts to being performers, listeners, artists, poets, musicians, lively participants, and even humanitarians. They have also developed a greater understanding of humor, creative expression, and diversities. Most importantly, they have met wonderful friends and families who have watched them grow and supported them with encouraging words and applause. I am saddened their involvement has been more limited due to other commitments, BUT RR remains a special place to us especially the annual Playing For Change fundraiser.”

This Land Is Your Land (Taiwan)
Woody Guthrie / remixed by MaxWarren and
Performed at STJ XXX: Playing For Change Fundraiser on Sept 15, 2018

This land is your land, this land is my land
From the tip of 玉山(YùShān) to the bottom of 台南(TaíNán)
From Pacific Ocean, to the Taiwan strait waters
This land was made for you and me

As I went walking that 縱貫(ZòngGuàn) highway
I saw above me that endless skyway
And saw below me 花東(HūaDōng) valley
This land was made for you and me

I roamed and rambled and I followed my footsteps
To the sparkling sands of her 白沙灣(BaíShāWān)
And all around me, a voice was sounding
This land was made for you and me

This land is your land, this land is my land
From the tip of 玉山(YùShān) to the bottom of 台南(TaíNán)
From Pacific Ocean, to the Taiwan strait waters
This land was made for you and me

When the sun comes shining, then I was strolling
In the rice fields waving and rain clouds rolling
The voice was chanting as the fog was lifting
This land was made for you and me

This land is your land, this land is my land
From the tip of 玉山(YùShān) to the bottom of 台南(TaíNán)
From Pacific Ocean, to the Taiwan strait waters
This land was made for you and me

9月8日,台灣與全球一起氣候起義!Rise for Climate, Taiwan

氣候起義 - 台灣 Rise For Climate - Taiwan

Photo Credit – Eann & Shin


9月8日,國際氣候變遷非營利組織350.org發起全球氣候起義活動(Rise For Climate),目的是呼應9月12日至14日在美國加州即將舉行的全球氣候行動高峰會(Global Climate Action Summit),希望有更多人關注氣候變遷議題並展開行動,同時也向世界領袖們說明想要面對氣候變遷的決心。全球已有超過95個國家900多場活動。

350台灣團隊便在台北發起活動響應,與藝文工作室Red Room合作,在9月8日(六)的13:00-20:00舉辦氣候起義 – 台灣 Rise For Climate – Taiwan,當中包含工作坊、影片放映、舞蹈表演等藝文活動。目標以藝術方式呈現氣候變遷議題,邀請大眾免費入場體驗。

活動由兩場工作坊開場,「廢物再生」邀請大眾帶「廢物」來作為藝術創作的原料,將會在活動整天進行。藝術家Roma Mehta與Constance Woods將發揮創意利用廢物做出裝置藝術,從中帶出氣候變遷議題。一整天下來我們收集到了各種廢棄物,而藝術家用巧手與巧思將它們變成一道「垃圾門」,展現出氣候變遷下的各種問題,都是由人們造成,也需要面對的。「舊布新生」工作坊則是由藝術家李秋芬帶大家一起創作,廢棄布料DIY再利用,在過程中認識化石燃料產業副產品的廢棄物問題,讓參與者體會到我們可以如何避免使用新原料,從行動拒絕使用更多化石燃料副產品。參與者都表示十分好玩,再次讓自己的衣物重生。

同場放映兩部氣候紀錄片:AWAKE《北達科他聖地之戰》與This Changes Everything《天翻地覆:資本主義vs氣候危機》。第一部以北美印第安人為主軸,敘述他們如何為了保護水源與油管產業抗爭,顯現化石燃料產業在發展時如何影響人類與環境。映後討論由350台灣的Martin帶領,提出原住民與氣候變遷的關係等問題。另一部是暢銷作家娜歐米·克萊恩的暢銷書《天翻地覆─資本主義 vs. 氣候危機》的紀錄片,訴說資本主義如何導致現今的氣候變遷問題。在這場片後,350台灣的Martin分享了有關紀錄片中提及的撤資議題,說明金融與氣候變遷的關係。如果我們都認為應該遠離化石燃料產業、避免使用,那為什麼還在投資他們?是不是該重新檢視我們的校務基金、銀行投資、政府補貼等,讓錢流到正確的地方,而不是加劇氣候變遷的問題!



Martin Su

On September 8th, a day of activities in conjunction with, Rise for the Climate, was held at Red Room with 350.

Artists and workshop attendees have created an interactive sculpture called THRESHOLD. It is still growing. If we cannot change the way we live in this world, we may soon block or access to nature, and frankly life as we know it. Using waste and recycled objects, a doorway has been created. Please come and contribute to it, contemplate it and find your way to change and help our Mother Earth.

Constance Woods

扌合生態廚房 Food(re)cycling

Let’s talk about food waste. One of the first images that jumps into your mind is likely to be those cylinder bins behind the garbage truck, where everyone jostles to dispose of their kitchen waste in dripping plastic bags. You probably wouldn’t imagine a platter of enticing, taste-bud tingling cakes. And yet their creator, Ann Huang, insisted that each one had been made from leftover ingredients, in other words, food waste.

It is mind-blowing to think about the amount of food going to waste on planet earth every moment. According to the United Nations, roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes, gets lost or wasted. Every ounce of food that we waste is not only lost nutrition that could have fed another human being, but also a squandering of our planet’s precious resources and a contribution to the harmful pollutants in our earth’s atmosphere from associated transport and production processes. If 1.3 billion tonnes of food goes to waste every year, then clearly the current food production chain is not a sustainable system. Does a sustainable solution exist to feed 7.7 billion mouths?

Ann Huang has taken the first step towards a new approach for food production and launched her own enterprise PICK, FOOD, UP (扌合生態廚房) in August 2015. She directly collaborates with organic farmers, fair trade grocers and import companies to take on their surplus stock and transforms it into tasty treats that she sells at food festivals and markets. I had the pleasure of sampling some of the delicious ‘recycled’ desserts during Rise For Climate at the Red Room.

“We gather leftover food that would otherwise go to waste, and transform it into tasty, nutritious snacks. The journey our food undertakes to reach our plate is not a straight path from farm to table, but rather a complex process involving the resources of our planet and the efforts of other human beings. There is more to our food than just what we can see on our plate; we need to consider the process as a whole. PICK, FOOD, UP focuses on the food that is leftover or wasted during production, we are trying to make the existing food production chain more efficient and sustainable. From surplus food we create tasty and high-quality dishes. Our creative solution combats environmental issues such as food waste and climate change. We embrace all that our beautiful planet gives us, so that not a single grain will go to waste.”

“每趟從土地到餐桌的旅程,都是海洋與大地真心付出的累積,加上人的溫度,堆疊出美味與回饋。 我們拾回可能被浪費的好食材,發揮美和創意,做出滿足視覺與味覺的料理。 「 扌合」重視從生產到用餐之後的每個環節, 推動剩食與格外品的再利用,實踐友善環境,連結人類飲食的初始與末端,並與大家共感飲食、生活及大自然的種種趣味與美好。 盡可能使用公平貿易與有機之可能被浪費食材,設計出屬於扌合的獨特口味小點,提供活動外燴、議題市集擺攤、專案合作等。 架上與少量格外品限定甜點,預約訂做,散單僅供自備容器工作室自取。”

You can find out more about PICK, FOOD, UP (扌合生態廚房) through visiting Facebook or Instagram.

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