Monkeying Around at The Red Room, May 2017

The Story of the Monkey King

On May 20, at the Red Room, we had a performance. The name of the play was “The Monkey King.” I was one of the monkeys. My sister and many others were also there. The Monkey King was played by Max.
The story happens in ancient China, thousands and thousands of years ago. There was darkness and chaos. Then, the earth, the moon and the sky were created. On one of the mountains, there was a pregnant stone. One day, it split open and gave birth to a monkey. This monkey made friends with all the animals. Later, the other monkeys made him their king.
It was much fun!

By Petru Luca

Monkeying Around at The Red Room

On a Friday night, as my dad was checking his Facebook, he found some info about “The Monkey King,” a Red Room play for kids under nine. When he told Petru (my brother) about this, he was quite excited. I sighed quietly, because I love everything about drama and plays—but I am twelve, so I couldn’t be part of this show.

Two weeks later, things began for real. We went to the Red Room for Petru to practice. There we met Max, a smart kid, always in high spirits. There was also Victor, a shy boy, Adam, his father, Esther and Minka, Rachel, and also Cindy and Sharon. I thought that this whole play thing was pretty childish (that’s because I was really jealous, of course) … until Ruth, the author of the script and the director, asked me to join in. This made me feel fantastic! Then, during the next rehearsals, I was really into it. I shared some of my ideas with the class. I tried my best to memorize the lines. It was fun!

Finally, after much work, performance day came. I was nervous. Then, I thought that I shouldn’t be that stiff! After all, this was for fun and we wanted to make the kids coming to see us really enjoy themselves. And then the play started! Alas, it also ended much too quickly! We got much applause and people kept on saying: “I totally loved it!” At the very end, Ruth had a surprise for us—tiny little crowns! She put them on our heads and crowned us as princes and princesses!

This is, dear readers, my short account of those wonderful days. Now the curtain must fall, and so this is

of my text.

By Alexandra Luca

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