Red Room Radio Redux

Ruth Giordano
Throughout her life, Ruth has been dedicated to performance art: dance, drama, opera, film, costumes & puppetry; she has worked at most every level but her current passion is for sharing great stories with people in her immediate community. That’s because for Ruth, community and communication are at the heart of the theatre experience.

Through the R4 experience, Ruth is growing as a director and producer, improving listening skills & sharing her passion for folklore and literature through theatrical storytelling.

Listen聆聽 • Re-imagine再形象 • Re-conceive重新思考 • Re-experience重新體驗

Performing artists collectively read aloud selections from great literature which have been adapted for radio drama: music and sound effects enhance the listeners’ experience..


Literature comes to life In the theatre of your imagination. 文學將在你的想像力小劇場裡活過來

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