Performers at Aside 9, May 30 2016

tina maTina Ma

Singer / Red Room Muse

Like most artists, in younger days Tina was a Taiwanese hippy, rebelling against anything that interfered with her free will. She loved playing the guitar and learned American music while participating in all the social movements when Taiwan was seeking its identity in the early 80s.

After 30 years, she knows that the voice and sound must come from her own ground and soil now.

Having explored different art forms, she has finally chosen telling Taiwanese stories through songs from the ancient Chinese to current days, and to follow her bliss…

She likes to see herself as someone who uses this ancient musical instrument – moon guitar, to share shamanic spirits from nature and folklore of the mother earth. The instrument is two stringed, but says a lot in a simple ways, as most of life’s wisdom does.
Facebook: Tina Ma

Screenshot 2016-07-22 01.53.05Jimbo Clark

When I arrived in Taiwan in 1997, I was a fresh graduate of Seattle Pacific University and my name was Jim Clark. Over the years, Taiwan has become my home, I’ve learned to love the people and culture here, and my English name (Jimbo) is a transliteration of my Chinese name 金波.

For the past ten years I have been working as a consultant with multinationals across Asia, focusing primarily on innovation and creativity. I strongly believe that for me to have credibility in teaching innovation, that I must be an innovator myself. As such, I constantly work on creating new processes, simulations, and activities that will stretch the participants point of view and open new possibilities.

One of the most common requests from leaders is to help their people “Think out of the box.” I look forward to sharing one of my favorite innovations with you at Red Room Aside, a simple box that we can think in and out of to move ourselves towards the future we most desire.

Screenshot 2016-07-22 01.55.45Valentin Lechat

Valentin Lechat is a professional juggler and performance artist from France. Juggling, acting, dance, visual art, stage direction, poetry, live music, Qi Gong. Starting at 11 years of age, he has been performing Juggling Art for more than 20 years.

He founded THE UNITED ARTISTS company before moving to Asia in 2005. He has performed in 12 different countries solos and collective shows in theatres, Art galleries, circus tents (Circus Lili), corporate shows, cabarets, TVs, videos, outdoor, festivals, … notably with Cie Jérome Thomas, Mazalda, Taipei Cross Over Dance Company, Shakespeare Wild Sister Group, Riverbed Theatre, The United Artists, … He is acting, creating and training in Asia on multiple artistic projects. VL is also a licensed street-performer in Taiwan. VL is a part time juggling teacher at the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts.

The United Artists 藝術圓劇團
bio :
performance :

li tsuei 1Sun Li Tsuei
Theater Director, Performer

Sun Li Tsuei founded Shang Orientheatre in 2000. She studied Chinese Tai Chi Chuan at a very young age, also Chi Gong and some ancient traditional dances from several Chinese masters. She sees the study of Chinese philosophy (including Taoism, Confucius, and Buddhism) as essentially within all practice of movement.

In the early 1980’s, Sun Li Tsuei traveled to Europe where she studied performing art with Jacques Lecoq、Marcel Marceau、Maximilien Decroux、and Stefan Niedzialkowski. Using western theatrical physical training as a movement base, she combined her own culture and created her own art form. Since Chinese philosophy is difficult to translate, movement has become an incredible medium to pass on the essence of the philosophy.

All the performance pieces of Shang Orientheatre have been created by Sun LI Tsuei. She has brought ideas from the source of Chinese culture to modern times, and transferred the philosophy into contemporary physical theater, showing that the body can show all human emotions and that the most profound feeling is really wordless. She has developed only the essential physical works of performance; they are “Shan-Zai Dragon”, “Shan Hai Jing-an odyssey of a Shaman”, “Bardo Todel”, “Heavenly Earth”, “Orpheus Britanicus- Fairy Queen”, “La Lune Souffle”, “Lagan”, “The Lotus Eater”, etc.

Shang Orientheatre has performed at the Avignon Festival every year. The company has been invited to Belgium, Spain, France, UK, West Indies, Hong Kong and Shanghai, China, amongst others.


【The Transformation】
Sun Li-Tsuei has created【The Transformation, a character with mask to present an oriental metaphor of past going into another time and space in the future. It is mimodrame in its style, incorporating masks play, dancing, Chinese martial art.

mauro 2Mauro Sacchi
Movement Thinker

I am a performer, teacher, choreographer, creator, and writer, specializing in the theory and practice of improvisation, physical theater, embodied techniques for dancers and actors, and the making of stuff. I am also really just a human being trying really hard to make sense of his place in the space we call world. Currently, I may or may not be in the process of setting up my own Company for the Making of Stuff, tentatively called “WE – the company for the making of stuff”.

BODY STUFF – a movement talk.

We are all physical beings, bodies full of emptiness and stuff, constantly moving to communicate with others around us, never still. We are, quite literally, our movement, always performing: thus we ought to practice, daily, to (re)learn how to better improvise and choreograph in the world, how to dance this piece of life we are given.

This talk is an invitation to do so, with tips and suggestions; it is a call for being more aware of, more in tune with the amazing physical body we inhabit; it is an honest, personal sharing of the pain and trouble that arises when we forget to move and be moved.

Screenshot 2016-07-22 01.51.11Brook C Hall
Choreographer, Director

Brook C Hall is the artistic director of Taiwan’s THE LAB community theatre space and Butterfly Effect Theatre Co. He came to Taiwan in 2001 for an arts festival after performing in, directing, or choreographing more than 80 iInternationally touring, regional, and residential theatre productions around the US, Europe, and in New York City. Some of those shows include: JOSEPH AND DREAMCOAT, SINGING IN THE RAIN, CRAZY FOR YOU, WEST SIDE STORY, PETER PAN, THE KING AND I, CINDERELLA, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, GREASE, SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROS, PHANTOM, MUSIC MAN, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, OTHELLO, THE BOYS NEXT DOOR, GUYS AND DOLLS, OKLAHOMA, STATE FAIR, and many more…

Brook Hall
Artistic Director
地點: 空場Polymer
地址: 台北市北投區北投路一段9號3樓

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