Red Room Radio Redux (R4) Updates – Fall 2014

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 3.16.14 AM‘A Christmas Carol’ on ICRT – FM100

On Christmas Eve, Dec 24 2014, ICRT- FM 100 will once again broadcast R4’s 2012 rendition of the timeless Dickens classic: A Christmas Carol.

Recorded at the ICRT studios in December of 2012.

Featuring the voice talents of Marc Anthony, Sarah Brooks, Mark Caltonhill, Ben Gagnon, Ronan Hsieh, Taili Hwang, Reider Larson, Manav Mehta, Murray Richardson, Angela Utshig.

Mastered by Sound Engineer Liu Ping.

Adapted for radio by Ignatz Ratskywatsky.

Directed by Ruth Giordano.

Show starts immediately after the 9:00 pm news.


Red Room Radio Redux (R4) Updates – Fall 2014


Aside 6 at the Red Room: R4 Reader Thomas Bellmore single-handedly tackled The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (the Original) by James Thurber. Carefully selected background music and live sound-effects were provided in R4-style by Director Ruth Giordano.


R4 was broadcast weekly over the airwaves of Taiwan via ICRT-FM100 reading our adaptations of selections from the canon of  Western Literature: Macbeth, Treasure Island, Sherlock Holmes & A Scandal in Bohemia and Two by Poe: Short Stories by the Master of the Macabre. We finished off the month with our rendition of Dracula. Each script had been adapted for R4 from the original by Ignatz Ratskywatsky (I.R.). Each hour-long program featured readers from the Red Room Community and, with generous support from Sound Engineer Liu Ping, had been given the full post-production treatment: background music carefully selected and timed, sound effects expertly mastered at the ICRT studio to enhance the listeners’ experience.


R4 contributed to the 5th Anniversary Event with a live presentation of A Most Dangerous Game, a short story from American literature in the 1920s. Two readers, Pat Woods and Rick Brundage brought the story to life with background music and sound effects provided by Director Ruth Giordano.


Dickens’ A Christmas Carol Reader’s Edition was read aloud informally at the home of Ruth & Peter Giordano. Red Room community members and new friends gathered for a cozy afternoon with tea and cookies and wine and chocolates. The book was passed freely from hand to hand and we sometimes heard a solo narration, sometimes a dialogue between characters. Each reader had several opportunities to read to the group in this supportive, non-competitive way.

What’s next?

While I.R. continues his research into potential adaptations, members have agreed that the informal reading, (ala the December reading party), is a fine way to nurture the spirit of listening. Plans are underway to gather monthly at homes or tea-shops. Under consideration for reading material: Alice in Wonderland, selections from The Odyssey. Additionally, individual readers are preparing short stories for recording.