A Note from the Editor: June 2017

A Note from the Editor:

This month’s eNews includes (in no particular order): two peoples’ reflections on the most recent Stage Time and Wine experience, (one Taiwanese, one native English speaker), a poem by a departing Roomer, a link to the first edition of The Red Room Artists News PLUS a description of an R4 experimental workshop production presented at the most recent Stage Time & Juice. Special bonus: Juicers contributed reflections to share here, at the Red Room eNews. Read on…

Read the Artists’ News for June 2017 here.
The Red Room Artists’ News

R4 Red Room Radio Redux is on summer vacation.

Greetings and Salutations, May 2017

We have to say goodbye to one of the members of the core Red Room Team, as she and her family embark on another chapter in their life’s adventure story.
Whitney Zahar –

Came on the Red Room scene at the Fifth Anniversary celebration at Huashan Creative Park where she and her family enjoyed all there was to enjoy. “SWEET!” And since then, they just kept coming back for more. “COOLNESS!” Whitney has done so much more than simply attending Stage Time and Wine, Juice, ASIDE & R4. She’s been an active participant. Moreover, she has established a library in the Red Room space at TAF and she’s been the editor of this eNewsletter. “AWESOME!”

Caring, sharing and caring some more, Whitney Zahar, powered by positive thinking, seems willing to help wherever she can. That’s Whitney: awesome, sweet coolness. She will be missed by everyone on the Red Room team.

Thank you Whitney!

Greetings and Salutations, dear Readers,
Ruth Giordano, here, doing what I can to keep the monthly e-newsletter publishing.

As this is the first e-news I have edited in many years, I suppose it’s appropriate to introduce myself to those who do not know me. Briefly and as relates to Red Room:

I’m the Director of the Red Room Radio Redux, (R4) dedicated to bringing literature to life in the theatre of your imagination. Modelled after the radio drama of the ‘30s and ‘40s, performing artists collectively read aloud selections from great literature which have been adapted for radio drama: music and sound effects enhance the listeners’ experience. Over the past 5+ years, we have collected recordings as well as live show dates performing such classics as Macbeth, Treasure Island, Dracula, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and more.

If you have not heard our work, go to

The Word from R4, May 2017

The Word from R4

Chimes at Midnight 042017

May 8, at the recording studio at ICRT FM100 the recording of the R4 adaptation of the Richard Connell short story: A Most Dangerous Game was completed. Adapted for radio drama by Ignatz Ratzkywatzky, read by R4 regulars Paul Batt (playing three roles) and Pat Woods (narrating and reading the main character), directed by Ruth Giordano and mastered by Liu Ping. It will soon be available for listening “On Demand” on the ICRT-FM100 website.

May 6, as part of the day-long event “Spectacular Atrophy”, R4 presented an original piece named “1984: A Sound Collage” utilizing sound clips of new music, old music, forest fire and war drums interspersed with excerpts from George Orwell’s novel read (live) aloud by (8) voice actors.

From Ruth Giordano