The Word from R4, May 2017

The Word from R4

Chimes at Midnight 042017

May 8, at the recording studio at ICRT FM100 the recording of the R4 adaptation of the Richard Connell short story: A Most Dangerous Game was completed. Adapted for radio drama by Ignatz Ratzkywatzky, read by R4 regulars Paul Batt (playing three roles) and Pat Woods (narrating and reading the main character), directed by Ruth Giordano and mastered by Liu Ping. It will soon be available for listening “On Demand” on the ICRT-FM100 website.

May 6, as part of the day-long event “Spectacular Atrophy”, R4 presented an original piece named “1984: A Sound Collage” utilizing sound clips of new music, old music, forest fire and war drums interspersed with excerpts from George Orwell’s novel read (live) aloud by (8) voice actors.

From Ruth Giordano

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