The Word from R4, April – May 2017

Looking back…
Stage Time and Juice 22
Three young performers (under 10-yrs old) joined several over-thirties to sound out Chapter 7: “A Mad Tea Party” from the world-famous ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND at Stage Time & Juice March 18.

Looking ahead…
Preparations continue for a reading of CHIMES at MIDNIGHT. CHIMES is based on an Orson Welles screenplay which follows the career of one of Shakespeare’s beloved fools, Sir John Falstaff through his (mis)-adventures in and around the lives of King Henry IV and V. We expect to read the script aloud in time for the Bard’s Birthday in late April.

Several projects are underway as I write:

I’m scheduled to return to the ICRT studio this week to complete post-production of our recording of A Most Dangerous Game, a short story by American writer Richard Connell. The story came out in 1924. It’s theme, man hunting man to the death, has been revisited in plays, movies, books and radio drama throughout the decades since its publication.

Our live reading of Chimes at Midnight was on the 20th of April, in time to celebrate the 453rd anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth (and, as legend has it, his death). Our script was adapted for us from the Orson Welles screenplay of the same name. The scenes are taken from several of Shakespeare’s plays, most notably Henry lV, parts 1 & 2. Throughout the play, we follow the career of Sir John Falstaff and his relationship with Prince Hal, heir to the throne of England.

R4 will represent itself at the up-coming Spectacular Atrophy event with a sound collage made up of materials drawn from George Orwell’s 1984. Several voices will read aloud and music will be incorporated to suit the mood.

Finally, preparations are underway to greet a new group of Stage Time and Juicers for fun with theatre games. We’ll be workshopping a new telling of a few episodes of the story of the Monkey King, drawn from the most recent translation of The Journey to the West.

Ruth Giordano

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