Reider Larsen. September 2012

Reider shared an original song, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar:


Spiraling down to Earth.
I saw an angel
and an ancient
What’s worse,
I tried to relate that
time is missing sand
The more I want to say…
The less I can.
The folly of a man.
Oh my.
Oh what to do?
A camera captures the moment
but in a moment,
can I captivate you?
The time’s upon us
just take
my hand.
It’s no elegant plan,
But as they say,
we might get carried away in lust
I trust.
What’s so only?
And if we don’t do something,
Something else might happen
to me.
But what am I to say?
I don’t have the words,
Oh hell,
I’ll make them up.
Because no matter what they would be
there are no words
could ever
Who am I to say
that it’s fate,
here that brought you.
That you and I could be
just a fling
or an I do.
Who am I to say,
if I  do not know you.
What you and I could be.
So let’s take

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