Rene Kamm, November 2012

“Rene Kamm is a poet, an emcee and one-half of the rap duo Ren & Miles, whose mixtape “Remedies”  was released in 2012. It is available for free download at”  At the November 17 Stage Time & Wine, Rene recited his poetry as follows:

by Rene Kamm

way back i’d often miss the softest kiss
of the breeze guess i’d forgotten what honest was
misplaced happiness, attached bliss
to a wish upon a chick

now i walk through the mist hangin
between orange lamps and blue moons
and peep the distant stars blinkin back
they’re really close dependin where your vision’s at

lay back, listen, act then speak accordingly
in springtime i’m buzzin beezies, and my summer flow’s scorching heat
but now i wish upon the leaves to fall from autumn trees
upon the seeds of the cherry trees to blossom free

upon the pollen, each sunray and the sunset
i sensed a sensai on each lily pad of monet
heart’s where my home stay, i found it in my own way
though thankful for family, their guidance and the homies

but some days i’m mindless, lonely at other times
i’ll still swallow love bugs hoping that they’ll rise as butterflies
i’m otherwise too focused on my love’s quotient
but i’ll always leave a simple luv ya in the postscript

by Rene Kamm

i been cooped up for forty days
prayin for heaven to come my way
with eyes closed, and then i removed the blindfold
and my mind’s clothed in weariness among faces held serious
my body felt delirious
but my mind wasn’t here in this
it’s wholly consumed, thinkin sufferin and pain is life
while my whole self is subsistin on a single grain of rice

i tried to man up, stand up, but couldn’t
my palms pressed against this earth tried pushin
but my self felt trapped like coins beneath cushions
and my mind’s trapped in my body like words between bookends
then a man stepped up with a rice bowl
i couldn’t mutter thanks though, still i drank slow

i felt the warmth tingling down my throat to my ankles
it gave me the strength to stand slow
i stood and i staggered back
feelin the pain in my spine like the impact from a jagged axe
and my limbs cracked, now i’m tense in my battlestance
to stave off my senses that were drownin in an avalanche
the pain was my habitat, and then it melted
yeah i felt it, the void that my self’s in
i saw deep in a valley sinkin it seemed
a bodhi tree with autumn leaves turnin pink from green

so i walked over, sat down and just listened
to the gust, wind, and birds and bees buzz killin
i stayed chillin on the riverbed of my consciousness
unconscious of the five skandhas, cuz
perception is deception and all forms are devoid of essence
and the essence of the void’s all forms of expression
i’m still correctin the direction of my feet
but i’m steppin to the heavens when i speak


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