Children’s Summer Theater and Arts Camp 2019

Spotlight on Empress:

Stage Time and Juice’s Children’s Summer Theater and Arts Camp 2019

What does Empress love about the performing arts?

When I was in elementary school, I remember creating skits for the school talent show with my fellow Girl Scouts troop member, Becky Cox. It was such a thrill to hear our classmates laughing out loud at scenes we created. When I was in high school, I remember the director of the school musical, Mrs. Cindy Quinn, giving me a role in the upcoming all-female cast of “The Quilters.” It was such an empowering experience that I would go on to perform as part of the Jazz Singers, Chamber Singers, and other school plays (such as collaborations between music teacher, Kathy White, and theatre director, Michael Kane, in the school musicals: Little Shop of Horrors and Alice in Wonderland). I took a long hiatus after being cast in a leading character in the college production “State of Confucian” because my parents threatened to stop paying for my college tuition if I didn’t stop indulging my passion for the performing arts.

What are the benefits of improv?

As an adult, I took up improv classes at the suggestion of my then boyfriend. Improv initially offered me an opportunity to build confidence for public speaking engagements since I am oftentimes asked to speak to professional and lay-audiences a variety of topics. Improv has also given me much more, including: how to perform optimally in teams, how to communicate clearly, recognizing when to take the lead and when to play supporting actor, etc.

Why direct a children’s summer camp?

I wish to help empower the youth of our future how to have increased self-esteem, more self-confidence, communication with others, ability to be a good team player, etc. I hope to use an immersive teaching method that can be fun and empowering. I enjoy working with children and especially hope to have the opportunity to work with third culture kids to give them a sense of belonging.

How do you usually spend your time?

As an American born Taiwanese (ABT), I am taking Mandarin Chinese lessons since I am only fluent in English and Taiwanese. I enjoy trying new restaurants, exploring neighborhoods while walking/biking and engaging in creative projects (e.g., sewing, jewelry making, live productions, event planning, etc.).

Anything else?

I’ve been on sabbatical this past academic year from my university in Los Angeles to develop a textbook. I am accustomed to working with children and their families in cross-cultural contexts. One day, I hope to be the director of a Wellness Center to help people realize their potentials.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity for kids ages 7-12 to be immersed in the dramatic arts at the Red Room!

The camp runs from Tues. July 16 – Fri. July 19, 2019, with a performance on Sat. July 20 at 2:30pm. Registration link
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9 Sept 2017, Junior Improv! at the Red Room 兒童的即興劇

Saturday, September 9 at 10 AM – 12 PM


Workshop: Junior Improv! at the Red Room
Time: Sat, Sept 9, at 10:00-12:00 pm
Location: The Red Room, TAF
Age: 7-12
Class Size: 4 students minimum, 16 students max (if cancelled, decision will be announced on Sept. 7, midnight. Any payments will be fully refunded)
Fees: NT 800:
**Special Discount for Previous Participants in Ruth’s workshops NT 600

Join a lively 2 hour Improv Drama Workshop hosted by Sharon Landon at the Red Room, just for the younger Juicers, from the ages of 7-12. The class will begin with warmups, and an introduction to Improv techniques which will then be applied in a series of games.


**Benefits of learning improv techniques:

– Can help to nurture your developing personality and enhance your memory through improvisational techniques and games.

– Is a supportive and positive outlet for your creative energy.

– Helps a person learn to act quicker and improve their imagination and storytelling abilities

– Great for focusing the attention of extroverts and for bringing out the confidence of introverts.

– Improv at the Red Room is a way to make new friends and meet new people in a safe and welcoming environment.

– Improv will help you learn how to work with others as a team.

Improv will help improve listening skills including non-verbal elements of communication like gestures, facial expressions, body language and tone of voice.

About Sharon Landon:

Sharon studied drama and theater at the University of Hawaii and has trained with respected acting coaches in America. In addition to her film and commercial experience, Miss Landon has acted in several stage productions at the Robert Kaufmann Theater and Pasadena Theater Co. in Maryland, The Lab Space and Umay Theater in Taipei. Recently, she also played 5 different characters in the children’s theater production “Cry Wolf”.

Sharon is one of the core volunteers at the Red Room, and you may have also seen her appear before on the stage during Stage Time and Juice.


時 間|2017/09/09 星期六 11:00-12:00
人 數│16人
年 齡│7-12歲
費 用│800元(如已參加過Ruth課程再次報名可享優惠價600元)
語 言|英文(全程將使用英文方式進行)

由Sharon Landon專門為7-12歲青少年定製2小時的即興劇活動!





關於Sharon Landon:
曾在馬里蘭州的 Robert Kaufmann劇院和Pasadena Theater、台北的實演場和烏梅劇院表演。