10 June 2016, ReadAloud

Readaloud-4Hey There, all you Expressive People!
Red Room Radio Redux (R4) invites you to …
時間: 8 pm – 10 pm
日期: 2016.6.10
地點: 紅房國際村 (空總創新基地)
入場費: 200 NTD
ReadAloud: June
Time: 8 pm – 10 pm
Date: June 10, 2016
Venue: Red Room International Village, TAF
Your Patronage: 200 NT
*** 我們固定於每月第二個周五相聚
***We meet every month on the second Friday
Bring a story, a song, poem, quotation, a joke or whatever you’d like to read – or hear – aloud.
您可以準備任何想讀或想聽的小故事、歌曲、詩詞、名言、笑話;自己的作品或別人的著作,都行! (每人大約10分鐘,時間視參加者多寡增減)
You may read your own material or something written by someone else.
(roughly 10 min limit, depending on the number of readers)
Constructive criticism will be offered – a great opportunity to improve skill.
Bring a snack or a beverage to share. Wine will be on sale by the glass.
All languages and all levels of experience are welcome.
No microphones, no special effects. No competition. Guaranteed moral support.
我們不用麥克風、不做特效、不彼此競爭! 只有彼此支持鼓勵!
“There is a certain satisfaction in voicing written words. We lift them off the page and let them out into the air. At the Red Room village we have created a space-within-the-space and we meet there to listen and to be heard.” -Ruth, Director R4
-Ruth, 紅房新廣播劇團團長
Learn more –詳情請見:
Redroomtaipei.com > Events > Red Room Radio Redux
Or search Facebook for R4=radioredux
或搜尋FB粉絲專頁: R4=radioredux

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