Presenters at Aside 15, April 29 2017

Nightmare challenges

…the theme of this Aside. Have you ever noticed that the best success stories often begin with failure? Why do those embarrassing flops, setbacks or radical changes of direction seem like “required” first steps on the road to fame and fortune?

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”

~ Jack Ma

Come join Red Room on Saturday, April 29, 2017 as three of Taiwan’s own share their horror stories of personal and/or business failures. Listen to how they handled and overcame multiple obstacles to be where they are today. Be inspired if you happen to be facing insurmountable challenges in your life.

“I’ve had dreams and I’ve had nightmares. I conquered the nightmares because of my dreams”. ~ Jonas Salk
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About Aside:
Aside derives its name from the theatrical term of “taking an aside,” when a character breaks the “fourth wall” to address the audience directly.

Aside presenters are individuals who have found inspiration in their craft and in turn share their passion with us.

「旁白在紅房」得名於 “taking an aside” 之戲劇術語,表示表演者為了以較直接的方式表達他們的真知灼見和獨特的觀點而打破隔離觀眾與舞台的隱形屏障。

榮忠豪 Stephen Rong // Performance Artist

Stephen Rong is an actor, dancer, TV host, singer, and songwriter (he laughingly calls himself a “Jack-of-all-Trades” artist.) After graduating from Virginia Tech with a B.S. degree in 2008, he decided to pursue a career in entertainment instead and left for Taiwan with a one-way ticket and two suitcases on hand. Since his arrival to Taiwan, he has given singing performances on many televised programs, hosted a few TV shows, appeared in several commercials, and acted in numerous film/stage productions. He also released his debut EP [100% Daily Life] last year.

Despite facing many obstacles throughout his career, Stephen has never given up on his dreams of working in the entertainment industry. He continues to become a stronger and more seasoned performer, seeing each new job opportunity as a challenge and chance to grow. Never give up!

榮忠豪是一位台灣演員, 舞者, 主持人, 與歌手。2008年在美國的維吉尼亞理工大學畢業後,獨自前往台灣追自己的歌唱夢想。 在這幾年來參加了許多歌唱節目, 主持了一些電視節目, 還有演過舞台劇,廣告,電影,網路影片等等。去年也發行了人生第一張EP+寫真書 [100% Daily Life]。

雖然演藝事業的旅程中碰過了不少風雨, 榮忠豪依然對於自己的夢想充滿著熱情與積極的精神。 對他來說,每個新工作機會是一個可以成長的挑戰! 永不放棄!

Faye Angevine// animal rights activist, purveyor of fine antiques

Faye has been a resident and business owner in Taiwan for more than 40 years. An avid collector herself, her love of antiques from China, Taiwan and southeast Asia led to the establishment of Bai Win Collections. She is also the co-founder of Bai Win Group, with 40 years of experience in manufacturing and sourcing in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Her love of animals is well known amongst the Taipei community. She has been on the board of Animals Taiwan, and has personally rescued and adopted many dogs over the years. She continues to work towards creating awareness and promoting compassion towards animals and raising funds towards animal welfare.

Much of the Red Room furniture that is on loan from Bai Win Collections are Taiwanese antiques or reproductions. Faye believes in actively supporting initiatives that contribute to the community around them and Red Room exemplifies this idea.

吳彥杰 Jet Wu // Producer / Animator

我台北出生長大,畢業於台灣藝術大學電影系,赴美拿了編劇學位之後,2007 年返台撰寫電視連續劇,後於2008年加入動畫公司首映創意,擔任劇本企劃總監。2011年底首映創意解散,我又重回電視及廣告圈擔任編劇,寫了幾部連續劇跟微電影後,我於2012年與朋友創業,成立共玩創作有限公司,以製作停格動畫(Stop Motion)為主要業務,為電視台及廣告公司提供優質的停格動畫內容,當時我們是全台灣唯一的停格動畫團隊,獲得了不少國內外動畫獎項的肯定。現在共玩創作除了製作動畫內容外,也提供幼兒及銀髮族動畫課程,教導業餘人士製作卡通,此外也代理動畫製作軟體,將停格動畫教育推廣入中小學及大專教育。

台灣的大眾傳播業正在崩解,而共玩的製作業務深受打擊,在營運模式轉型的過程中,員工對未來沒有信心而計畫集體離職,新業務(動畫教育)面臨重重難關,舊業務也難以為繼,而我頑強的抵抗著所有的問題, 直到一個看似美好的商業騙局,讓我務實面對自己的失敗,重新開始。

I grew up in Taipei and graduated from the National Taiwan University of Art with a major in film. After getting an M.A. in Media Studies (screen writing) in New York, I came back to Taiwan to write for TV soap operas in 2007. Then I started to work for a CGI animation company, SOFA Studio, as the head of the Story Team, in 2008. At the time SOFA was the largest original animation content provider in Taiwan. In the winter of 2011, I left SOFA to write for TV operas and Web Micro-Films again. And then in 2012, I started my own company, WeTogether Studio, to produce Stop-Motion Animation for TV and Advertisement. We were the first Stop-Motion team in Taiwan, and our works have won recognition in many domestic and international film festivals and award ceremonies. In addition to animation content production, WeTogether Studio also provides animation workshops for amateurs, especially children and retired people. We also distribute animation production software and animation curriculums to educational institutions in Taiwan.

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