2017, the year in review

Dear friends and Red Roomers,

We’ve had an unforgettable year at the Red Room, thanks to the support of dedicated people like you from around the world. We celebrated several key milestones in 2017: surpassing 220 events and 4500 participants in all of our programs and workshops. We have expanded our work to serve a few charities in Taiwan and around the world, including refugee communities. We have collaborated with many partner organisations to promote art and culture in Taiwan, and we recently hosted our eighth year anniversary festival in November 2017.

As we look towards 2018, we are more committed than ever to building community through our programs, and continue to create a platform for creatives such as yourself to explore their own potential. We are going to stay at the TAF Air Force base under the Ministry of Culture. Their vision of creating a vibrant culural venue at the base is perfect for our mission and vision. We hope to continue to bring you programs and opportunities to dive deep and make a difference.

But we can’t do it alone. We have many ideas brewing and we would love to have your support to help us get there.

Thank you again for all you do to keep the idea of Red Room alive. Let’s keep working together towards a more creative and joyous world in 2018!

Happy Year of the Dog!

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