ABTG4: Brendon Chen


集18年珠寶設計師與音樂劇演員的背景於一身,於5年前成立The Escape Artist藝甸園娛樂繪畫空間,希望透過所做的每件事成為人們生活與音樂、珠寶、美學之間的橋樑。其藝術風格充滿豐富的情感,每幅畫都像是對這世界上無論美醜善惡的溫暖擁抱。

Brendon Chen was a jeweler and musical theatre actor for 18 years prior to his founding of “The Escape Artist” workspace, bringing casual yet beautiful art spaces closer to everyone. Through his establishment of Escape Artist, Brendon hopes that the music will liven us, that we refine what we find precious to ourselves, and to bring art and beauty to the masses.

His work features heavily on the emotive quality of paintings, and each one is an embrace to all the good, bad, beauty or ugliness the world can throw at us.

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