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Review: Stage Time and Wine 70

這篇中文翻譯請點 For Chinese translation please go to this link  Translated by Alan Shun <[email protected]> Confidence is Shared We are taught that confidence is an innate characteristic. It is something you must achieve on your own, without the help of others.  During the 70th Red Room Stage Time & Wine the Red Roomers proved this oft taught […]

max power, august 2015

brass tacks When I was a teenager, writing started like having some spiny, lionfish-looking thing stuck in my throat that needed to be expelled.  At the time it was mostly frenetic noise, but before I knew what was going on I had a little readership.  These days I think there are better things to write […]

Jeffrey Lee, August 2015

這次的Red Room Aside真的非常成功 氣氛好沒話說 何況是最後一次在Learning Kitchen舉辦活動   真是想像不到對吧 好幾年的時間就這樣過去了 我在這裏學到的事物真的比想像中的還要多   這個月 先是ST&W再來是Aside 好像冥冥之中也是劃下一個完美的句點   人們都一樣沒什麼變 變的是這空間內的氣氛 而朱平先生也回來分享許多關於夢想的藍圖   希望未來也能繼續在這裏當一塊用功的海綿 吸收有關於台灣的一切 噢不 是這個世界 (c) Copyright 2015 Red Room.  Material on this site is the property of contributing members of the Red Room Community. Please do not copy any part of this publication. Thank you.

R4 Updates, September 2015

R4 Short Story Read-Aloud Last spring, R4 held a small gathering for the purpose of reading poetry aloud. Several R4 Readers had prepared presentations and our guests were invited to read aloud from an anthology. This fall, we are preparing a similar event using short stories. Five solo readers and one duet have chosen material […]

Rose Goossen, August 2015

Theft, Convention, and Selective Memory: Songwriting in the Age of Repetition Anyone who has turned on a radio or visited a shopping center in the last twenty years has probably, on at least one occasion, lamented the fate of the song. “How, oh, how,” we cry, “did we ever progress from Bing Crosby to Justin […]