The Juicers : October 2015

Red Room will be rolling into its sixth year this coming November. Stage Time and Juice is only two years young, but we have been invited to head off the day-long festivities by holding our Stage Time and Juice anniversary event at 11am. As always, Juicers will be invited to stay past their bedtime and enjoy the other events throughout the day!

20136589349_cc09f7be91_zStage Time and Juice is a partnership of The Red Room and the Taipei City Playgroup, a loosely-knit community of English-speaking families in the Taipei City area. Although the playgroup centers on parenting issues, we also encourage the parents to come out and share their gifts and interests with the community. Often it takes a little bit of prying to find out what interesting former lives the parents had before diaper bags and plastic objects in primary colors took over their existence. Some parents actually find that the birth of a child takes their career paths on an interesting and new trajectory. Take the case of Kenn Loewen (aka Dr. Sparks) who often finds people on the MRT are staring at him because he forgot that he has frizzed up his hair on the way to a science club gig. Ken did a thrilling demo of his hair-raising tactics in our May Stage Time & Juice which we themed “Up!” and built around him. During the upcoming anniversary celebration, we’ll be bringing another dad to you, Yen-Chieh Wu (aka Jet Wu), who will be teaching us how we can all become superheroes with the help of some skillful stop-motion techniques!

We will also have a few more tricks up our sleeves during the celebration. And as usual, we will feature our open-mike show where the kids get to express whatever their hearts desire. So be there or be…sorry that you missed the fun!

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