Stage Time & Juice, March 21 2015

Stage Time & Juice X

The Juicers jumped into spring with a profusion of playful poems. Some of the poets presented were: Shel Silverstein, Douglas Florian, Karma Wilson, Jack Prelutsky, and Robert Pottle. There was also a reading of original limericks penned by a regular at the Juice event, who goes by the nom de plume, Pèi Xiao.

Some business also needed to be gotten through: The Awesome Playgroup News, Taipei City playgroup’s newspaper, drew the names of four lucky children who will be able to make Kiva loans with funds provided by the paper.

Other performances of note were a Schumann flute piece, a rendition of the classic “Shoo Fly,” and a few piano numbers, including “The Snake Dance,” which was the audience’s favorite. Jennifer Joy led the audience in a song game, and two young ladies discovered that a letterbox had been hidden behind the Red Room curtain.

To give the reader a taste of the high caliber of literature being performed at Juice, here is the full text of one of Pèi Xiao’s limericks:

There once was a boy who liked tea
But drinking too much made him pee
While camping he found
Not a bathroom around
So behind a tree did he flee.

And that’s what you missed at Stage Time and Juice!

Carol Yao