Stage Time & Juice, January 2016

Dear Stage Time and Juicers,

Due to the winter vacation and local school examinations falling around our regularly scheduled January Stage Time and Juice event, we have decided that we will move it toFebruary 20, 2016. (Third Saturday of the month, as always, held in the afternoon before Stage Time and Wine.)

In 2016 we are hoping to have an even more enthusiastic participation. We at the Red Room believe in supporting the informal arts community: by providing those who create with a means to share in a “culture of listening”, the Red Room strives to attain a richer, warmer, more compassionate society.

Stage Time and Juice is an effort to instill the same values in the future generation. Although it might just seem like a chance to get some kids behind a microphone, there is indeed, method to our madness!
Have we not been getting this message across? If we aren’t doing it right, come out and show us how to do it better!

And if you haven’t been to Juice yet…what are you waiting for?

Carol Yao
STJ Coordinator
[email protected]

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