Red Room Plays for Change, August 2014

See photos of Stage Time and Juice PFC Day 2014

See photos of Stage Time and Wine PFC Day 2014

Red Room Plays for Change: Playing for Change Day 2014

The Red Room is calling on ALL MUSICIANS to make their own musical tribute at the Red Room on Saturday, September 20th. The Red Room is proud to play host to the global music movement, Playing for Change (

As part of our monthly Stage Time & Wine event celebrating the spoken word and performance arts through poem, song, rhyme, dance, comedy and more, we encourage the musically inclined to step up!

Playing for Change’s mission is to raise money around the world so more and more music schools can be built in impoverished areas! Through music, children rise out of poverty.

Musicians from all around the world, gather and perform. The money they raise is sent to the Playing for Change Foundation (

On Saturday, September 20th, we invite all musicians to sign up, perform and be part of the change. The Red Room will film the performers and link the videos onto the Playing for Change site as well as on Youtube.

The Red Room will also donate 50% of the door to the Playing for Change Foundation!

A few things to remember:

  • Performers only have 5 minutes to share
  • The Red Room is a listening environment. We ask you to honour the people on stage by actively listening.
  • The Red Room is a green environment. Please bring, borrow, or buy one of our awesome, groovy bamboo mugs as your drinking vessel of choice. Have our fabulous artists paint it for It will remain forever, yours and yours alone (true love).
  • We welcome sharing. We’ll make the stew, you bring the wine (or any other fantastically creative creations. We’ll ooh and aaah). Deal?

Come as early as possible so that everyone gets a chance to perform. Yay! We’re uber-excited about seeing you on Saturday where you’ll be PLAYING FOR CHANGE!!!



此活動與我們的月聚會Stage Time & Wine一同舉辦,目的是慶祝聲音表演以及聆聽的文化。藉由詩歌、歌曲、韻文、舞蹈、喜劇表演等表演形式,我們鼓勵音樂表演者一同響應!











Coordinator Red Room, Manav Mehta
Translated by Sylvie Tsai

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