Red Room Takes Flight, September 2015

rr flight iconsRed Room is moving from the Learning Kitchen to a brand new, amazing venue!

Six years ago, Red Room began with a dream shared over a cup of tea.  Co-founders Ping Chu and Ayesha Mehta both dreamed of creating a community that fosters creativity, friendship and innovation. Canmeng provided this dream with a home at Aveda Salon and over the past five years it has served to form unforgettable memories and bonds. The Red Room thrived under the care of its founders, volunteers and community members. Together we have nurtured Red Room and grown with it.

Now the Red Room has outgrown its home and the community is ready to take on new heights. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our community and the dedication of our volunteers, the Red Room has taken flight. With every change comes a new journey and many new opportunities with it. We are thrilled to announce a new destination for the Red Room. In the coming months, Red Room hopes to expand our community and welcome new artists and their ideas.

IMG_1165Welcome to the Red Room International Village at the Taiwan Air force Base (TAF) 空軍總部 「圖書館」LIBRARY!

We invite you all to come and transform our new space into a community for experimenting, sharing and camaraderie. On Saturday, September 19th the new and improved Red Room will launch with an extra special Stage Time & Wine.  Help us take off and make our pilot program great; bring a friend to the next Red Room Stage Time & Wine.

Events details here

Stage Time & Juice

Stage Time & Wine 

紅房從大安路上的Learning Kitchen搬家了,搬到一個更神奇的地方!

六年前,紅房剛剛成立,朱平與Ayesha Mehta兩人想要創造一個充滿創意、友善以及創新社群。而肯夢提供了這個機會,讓我們這五年的美好回憶都繚繞在Aveda Salon給我們的家中。紅房在這群創辦人、志工和參與者的灌溉下成長茁壯,我們也一起隨著紅房繼續向前邁進。




紅房邀請您來到新的地點,一同來到專屬於分享的社群,建立起我們與您之間的友誼。在這個星期六,也就是九月十九日,全新的紅房將會打造一個截然不同的Stage Time & Wine。一起讓我們的啟航計畫變得更加完美,記得帶上一位朋友來享受這個充滿創造力的盛宴。

How to find us: Red Room International Village at the Taiwan Air force Base (TAF) 空軍總部 「圖書館」LIBRARY
Our entrance is located on the intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd. (TAF side entrance). After passing the gate, keep marching forward and you’ll see a white building to your left called Library. Make your way to the second floor via the outer staircase on the side.

Travelling by Taxi: No. 177, Sec.1, Jianguo S. Rd (Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd.)

Travelling by MRT:
Route 1: Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Exit 2. Walk along the Zhongxiao E. Rd (going west) and you’ll see Jianguo S. Rd. Turn left and you’ll spot the entrance.
Route 2: Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station Exit 6. Walk along Jinan Rd. (going east) and you’ll spot the entrance.







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