Stage Time & Juice, October 2013

Letter from Katrina Brown to Ping Chu about the Stage Time and Juice experience:

The children had a wonderful time at Stage Time and Wine.  Performing at Stage Time and Juice and Stage Time and Wine has boosted Kyle and Hannah’s confidence a lot.  The impact on Hannah was striking.  She has been singing her own songs since that evening, and has instructed me to figure out how to have her record her original work. Working on the table and being treated so nicely by all the people that came in also broke down her own idea that she is “shy”, and I can see the difference in the way she goes confidently to school everyday.  Last night, Kyle told me he wants to “work hard” on his presentations at Red Room, so he can get better and better.  He saw that there are many different ways to express your creativity, and would like to pursue some of these. As adults, I think we can underestimate the value of this kind of experience for children, and even for ourselves.

I truly, from the bottom of my heart, want to thank you for having this vision of community for all of us.  Our family is very lucky to be part of it.



The Awesome Playgroup News published an article on Stage Time and Juice. Here is an excerpt from the latest publication.

You can also download the entire publication here. 2