Stage Time & Juice, July 2015

Stage Time and Juice is a loosely-curated family event, where families get together to encourage one another to express themselves. Over the past two years, in order to get my daughter over the willies of taking the stage, she and I have evolved into a comic duo. How do we get our material? From library books or websites in the Internet. For the “When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade!” summer event, I collected a series of citrusy puns and wove them into a nonsensical dialogue for us to present. We even took it to the next level by preparing some illustrations.

image01Having the bi-monthly deadline of Stage Time and Juice gives us a nice little goal to top our selves each time. We feed off of each other in a positive way, and believe it or not, there is a lot you can learn from working on something with your child! It’s a great parent-child activity, and I hope that the special bond created by collaborating together on these fun performances will be something she remembers fondly when she grows up and moves along in her life.

Here is the dialogue that we presented. There were many “peels” of laughter in the room that afternoon.

Nicole: One day, a lemon was walking all by himself across the road.

Carol: Why was he alone?

Nicole: Because the banana split!

Carol: Those bananas can be so unreliable!

Nicole: But when the lemon got halfway across the road, he stopped.

Carol: How come?

Nicole: He ran out of juice!

Carol: He should have thought of that before he tried to cross.

Nicole: Sure, but he was having trouble trying to concentrate.

Carol: How come?

Nicole: Because before crossing, he ran into a lime.

Carol: Oh I know what you mean! Lemons and limes like to fight. So what did the lemon say to the lime when he ran into him?

Nicole: The lemon said: “Sour you doing?”

Carol: And what did the lime say back?

Nicole: The lime gave him a bitter reply.

Carol: Well, trying to talk sense to a lime is often fruitless!

Nicole: It sure is! And the lemon felt so upset that he decided to cross the road to avoid the lime! And that’s when he ran out of juice!

Carol: Poor lemon. I hope he still made it across the road okay.

Nicole: He did. He only got scraped a little by a passing bicycle.

Carol: He wasn’t hurt too badly then?

Nicole: Oh he’s fine. The ambulance came by and gave him some lemon-aid!


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