Huashan Reading Festival, September 2013

rr-header-12Red Room was invited by Alleycats, a supporting sponsor of the Huashan Reading Festival, September 2013. Red Roomers Zach Touzen, 
David Gentile
, Holly Harrington
 and Manav Mehta represented the Red Room.

Holly gives an account of the evening:

On September 9, we had the honor of representing Red Room at a special Alleycat’s-sponsored book and poetry reading at Huashan, part of the 華文朗讀節 Chinese Reading Festival. With Manav as our emcee and lead presenter, David Gentile, Zach Touzen, and I had the unique experience of sharing some of our favorite works in Chinese, English, and French. With few familiar faces in the audience comprised almost entirely of Taiwanese in all age ranges, and with the pressure of presenting mostly in Chinese, I’m sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say that the experience was a tad more nerve-wracking than a typical relaxed Saturday night at Red Room. However, it was most definitely rewarding and encouraging to hear the laughter and applause of dozens of people who perhaps have never heard of Red Room before. Hopefully, we did Red Room proud, and we will soon have some new book lovers joining our community!

在 9/9 我們很榮幸的在『華山1914文化創意產業園區』與『Alleycat 餐廳』共同贊助的個【華文朗讀節閱讀季】上分享了紅房。除了 Manav 我們的主持人,還有 David,  Zach 以及我一起分享我們最喜愛的中文、英文和法文作品,這是一個很特別獨特的經驗。在分布極廣年齡層聽眾裡面我們也看到了熟悉的面孔,伴隨著用中文演說的壓力,我敢說有別以往在 Red Room 輕鬆週六夜晚,這次是即為不容易的與讓人稍微傷腦筋。但是呢!當我們聽到觀眾的回饋,他們從來不曾聽過紅房的大夥們的笑聲與掌聲,就覺得這一切非常值得了。希望我們可以讓紅房為傲,也很快的,我們將會有更多愛好書籍朋友們加入我們的紅房社群。From Holly.

Translation by Edward Chiang

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