Manav Mehta, August 2013

Sharing is Caring

“Sharing is Caring”, thats what they say.
Being reserved & withholding is considered selfish play.

Whether you’re whimsical or sturdy,
extraverted or nerdy,
splash words with flavour; we’re all ears,
smells linger for us to savour.
Juicy shrines that serve as feasts to the eyes

“Germans like Ringo, or sweet American Pies,
Chocolate cakes layered with marmelaid, thats where it starts.”

Eid is upon us, so throw more words into your grocery carts,
Synonyms, metaphors, analogies & antonyms

Lets wine & dine,
sharing in Kolkata’s newest ADDA, Red Room @ Living Design.

My mother’s birthday brought me home,
where humidity levels feed the frenzied crows.
Bongs, konks & Ambassador honks strum the wind chimes on a sunny day.

Let us mingle within this space,
share chai from mugs of clay.

Doors to India were opened to me by Roma,
Doors to Radical, Ramblin Roma were opened to me by ‘Incredible India’

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