Tai Mesches, December 2014


in a poet’s realm of tender azaleas ‘n’ timid twilight surroundings
only does one slightly recognize the fireflies around him
but to be kind ‘n’ not to frighten with love, is a practice at best
to softly spark the creatures’ heart that brightens their chests
a delicate rhapsody painted in a scene of midnight navy blue
where spray paint ‘n’ poetic pages set the stages for me-muse
with a tongue coated in venomous desire ‘n’ a serene drip of intrigue
the fireflies ignite my static mind ‘n’ rev up my electricity
my pen extends a breath, under their fragile-flapping wings
just enough to express, the brightness they be craving
by saying laced fragrant phrases ‘n’ explaining my motives
the fireflies shine in my rhyme, earning this poet’s devotion
so slow they coast to my riveting lips, imprinting an impression
forever melting my dark silence away with their romantic connection
the setting blushed with stark urgency, yet to unfold at a steady flow
only to test my stretched penmanship, as each one, with me, glows
the fireflies of my dreamy being, compete to sit in my hands
for the ones i catch, the ones i select, are the ones that want to land
to stand still ‘n’ just radiate my euphoria, captures their curiosity
as their bodies shake for attention, love is what they want from me
my pockets full with already kidnapped sirens ‘n’ melodies of throats
only do the most beautiful fireflies, fly to what this poet has wrote
i don’t know if they know, but it’s my choice to choose
which bright-winged insect today, i choose to seduce
the fireflies come smooth to me, as i stick out my tongue
‘n’ let their glow follow my poetry, for this is where they belong…

Tai Mesches
[email protected]