Tai Mesches, October 2012


oh, hello R.H.Y.M.E., glad to see you’ve decided to join us
i can see from this list, you’ve booked an appointment
for coitus or pleasure? or for toyful measures?
my chest of poetic treasures is full of CAPITAL LETTERS
where ‘x’ marks the spot, imma drop my hip-hop
a big fat dollop of this mad man’s ink blots
pit stop for a piss ‘n’ reminisce of the minutes ‘n’ moments
twistin’ piff sticks so original, no way you’re able to clone it
holdin’ bold ink, in my grip, my rhymes swallows time
my mind writes ‘n’ hikes Mt. Olympus, ‘n’ leaps to the divine

great to see you again, my old friend, R.H.Y.M.E., it’s been too long
what made you go hibernate ‘n’ wait, we all thought you were gone
but all along you were here, in the back, sippin’ a beer
just waiting for the right blank page to call your name ‘n’ appear
clearly weary of hearing delirious wheels constantly turnin’
swervin’ curves furiously enough to make this page burn
blurry words bump back ‘n’ forth, slurs are nursed to health
verbatim is churned, chewed, stretched ‘n’ hurt til it’s truly earned its wealth
swelled by compassionate acts, with long-lasting effects
stacks of mad hatter flap jacks for break-fast

together again, friend, the best has yet to come
remember, R.H.Y.M.E., anytime, you are more than welcome
still spelling alphabets ‘n’ jigsaws, excelling at skippin’ the law
well-fed jester blurbs ‘n’ verses curled up as a ball
this slaw of silly drips hit rhythms that’ll whip you in shape
a creation made from the pen to the page, please, come have a taste

R.H.Y.M.E.,goodbye, we had a good time, please come back soon
i’m sure we’ll meet again sometime, probably right here, at the Red Room…

Tai, originally from New York City, has spent the past 5 years in various cities across mainland China. He recently left Kunming, where he had established himself as a poet in the community under his pen name Prosperus. Now residing in Taipei, he dedicates his time and passion to the spoken word, rhyme and to the process, that is: an emotion or thought, to the hand, to the pen, to the ink, to the page, to the word, word to breath, breath into voice, voice into poetry, poetry into love.

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