Mark Darvill, October 2012

Original lyrics to two of Mark’s songs follow. The way he uses his guitar as a percussive instrument is not to be missed.

Minister of Scheming

I woke up sweating in a suitcase in the middle of the floor
Having spent half the night in the midst of verbal war
I picked apart the pieces of the evening, tried to figure it all out
Which involved sixteen false daydreams then slowly passing out
There’s no way to keep your head out of the fire
Sporadic Sunday evening drinking keeps it simmering awhile
If only to stare at your reflection for some time
Stay in tonight

When will we lay it to rest?
I’ve been slowly drinking until I can’t feel above my waist
Break through and I’ll make the last train
But our lips they move much faster when we’ve got something to gain

She went out cursing up a rumour in the middle of the bar
Which involved half the crowd and half the month of March
On the border between seasons thought she’d go the other way
As usual playing the victimised and leading us astray

There’s no way to do all you intended in a day
And what is more I made a deal with a healer way back who didn’t see it my way
So if only to stare at your reflection for a while
Avoid her gaze tonight
If there’s a way to keep your head free of fear
Then we’re alone together in the city so draw me close I wanna hear

Tonight stay in and avoid her gaze
And I’ll see you when the hills are concave

Ten’s Company

Out of the woods after a couple of weeks
Performing in your sleep
The nights are long and you’re ungrateful

We’ve got room at the inn for one more
Two if you don’t mind being on all fours
Sweat drips from all floors

It’s an age old situation
In unavoidable frustration
You were forced to drop bombs on this wasteland where I lie

There’s a trail of guilt between our legs we’re poised to recognise
In the time you spent in my back yard we were bound to collide
So I’ll try my best to regulate our six strings aside
It’s safe to say that I’ll be at the bottom of the pile

Share a joke for a minute or two
I’ve had enough to smile true
Is this good enough for you?

And since we’re getting close to the end
And we’re losing all our friends
It’s high time for a shake and a bend

We marvel at the origins of apathy and fire
I’d rather be called a cynic than a cheater or a liar
We’ll battle through the wilderness connected by a wire
Yet all the while our heads are in the clouds or maybe higher

Mark Darvill is an acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter from Leicestershire, England. Mark has been living in Taipei working as an English teacher for almost three years, and has performed at many venues around the city, both as a soloist and previously as part of The Red Cliff.

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