ABTG 4: Eugenia

Eugenia 1

EUGENIA PG :: www.bitly.com/eugeniapg
Born in 1994 in El Salvador, Eugenia discovered art at a young age and nurtured it ever since. Without any professional education in art, Eugenia has participated in two art festivals (Festival Bicultural 2011,2012) and received workshops with recognized Salvadorean Artists. In 2013, she moved to Taipei, Taiwan. Last year, she participated in Exposure: Art, Beer, Culture 2014, to get involved with Taipei’s artsy scene.
Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and coloring the void between her career and the art field. She describes her art as over-saturated by colors and patterns, reflecting the complexity of the journey of human experiences and interpersonal relationships.

Eugenia portrait

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