In R4 news: July 2014

Short Story Project

Back in May, a few of our readers met ​ at the ICRT studio to record voice track​s for a few​ Great Western Short Stories ​.​
I’ve been listening to those audio files and pairing the​m​ with some Great Western Music ​ in preparation for the mixing process which will start in a few weeks..
The folks at ICRT are especially keen on our Sherlock Holmes story: A Scandal in Bohemia.​ They recommend creating a series and the Holmes/Watson stories of Arthur Conan Doyle could be a good choice.

Incidentally, Pat Woods and Charlie Storrar read our Ignatz Ratzywatzky’s adaptation of the SCANDAL aloud at the Taipei Literature Festival on August 2 at Huashan Park.

Promotional Video Project

Meanwhile, William Openshaw of the RR video-recording division has been working on a video of our WasteLand performed at the April Aside @ The Red Room​.​ He and I will meet in August to take the next step towards a functional promotional video for R4.

The R4 Portfolio

Lastly but not leastly, with a deeply appreciative bow to Roma Mehta: the R4 portfolio has passed the design/development stage and gone to the Printers! Looking forward to putting that item ​to work making ​good​ connections ​with potential clients​.

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