More about Queer Refugees Network, Leipzig

More about Queer Refugees Network, Leipzig

QueeRNL is a project backed by the NGO RosaLinde Leipzig e.V., whose premises and network QueeRNL project members use. QueeRNL aims to provide the “three Cs”: counseling, company and congress.

Counseling is offered to look at individual cases and find solutions and relevant institutions. This is very central because the ratio of social workers to refugees and clients is 1:300, meaning that each social worker must address all issues that those 300 people face.

Obviously, they are not always able to offer comprehensive strategies.This is where QueeRNL offers help. The program identifies unique problems their clients face and looks for solutionoriented strategies. Many volunteers within QueeRNL are also queer people of color with knowledge on issues related to the intersectionality of being a queer, person of color and a refugee.

Company involves going with clients to doctors, lawyers or any other institution to provide support and offer language mediation. This aspect of the program ensures clients feel comfortable and are better able to make informed decisions on what care they require and are able to obtain.

Congress aims to create a platform for the refugees. Weekly meetups help clients connect, and build friendships and support groups. Once more organized and better funded, this platform will also be used to lobby for interests and create visibility in the communities on a local and hopefully national and European level. QueeRNL intends to build up these structures, and add to them, in a sustainable manner.

One project that is underway is queer housing. Many refugees are initially placed in housing where they face discrimination. QueeRNL is working to relocate refugees to queer and safe shelters to escape discrimination in their refugee camps.

In addition to aiding QueeRNL provide the three C’s, funding will also help finance information channels to reach refugees, extracurricular activities in the group, and investment in future house projects.

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